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St. Mary's Sampligns 6-1-13

Kindergarten: Our last sound for the year was worked on this week it was the Ch sound.  We are working on money, time and measurement in math.  We are anxiously waiting for our zoo trip on Monday and our graduation on Wednesday. What a great year it has been!  Thanks to everyone for their support.

Grade 1:  We have been busy reading some regular books not in our reading curriculum and keeping reading journals on them.  We are learning about matter as well as solids and liquids in science.  In math we continue with story problems with multiple operations and story problems with extra information.  We are excited for the last week of school. We really have had a fantastic year in first grade!

Grade 2:  For reading, this week, we are reading a chapter book in small groups.  Each group is reading a different story.  We are getting together with our group members to discuss the story as we go.  In math class, we are learning to multiply using arrays.  We also found out we can use arrays to divide numbers.  We have practiced multiplying by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.

Grade 3: We completed our last reading story this week.  We did some extension lessons in math and practiced our times and division facts.  We were finally able to have “Fitness Funday” in PE and we thank Mrs. Winkelman and the other PE teachers for all the work they did to organize the event.  Weather permitting we will have an outdoor Mass on Wednesday, June 5 at Pomme de Terre Park followed by kindergarten graduation.  (If it rains Mass will be held at Assumption Church)  Bring a lawn chair and picnic lunch and join us if you can.  We wish you all a safe and pleasant summer!

Grade 4: We are busy wrapping up the year! We took our final spelling test of the year, and it was on possessive nouns. I think the kids are wondering why we had to end the year with the hardest lesson. In math class we started working on probability with our fractions. We are looking forward to going to SWELL next week to learn about animal habitats.

Grade 5: In math class we are continuing to practice multiplying fractions. We are learning to simplify before we multiply to make things easier. We also had our last spelling lesson this week. We are looking forward to our last day at the park when we can play with our friends before summer break.

Grade 6: This week in math the sixth graders have been working with integers and coordinate planes. We finished up our last spelling lesson which was a review lesson. The sixth graders also spent time this week preparing for their graduation which was held on Thursday, May 30. Our year has gone by quickly and we are looking forward to our day at the park on June 5.

Upcoming Events

June 3-K to Wahpeton Zoo; Gr. 4, 5, 6 to Swell

June 4-Gr. 2 to Amazin’ Farm; Gr. 1 to Swell

June 5 Last Day of School