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St. Mary's Samplings 5-25-13

Kindergarten: Rain, rain go away—that is what the kinder kids were saying earlier this week!  We worked with the Sh sound, took a math test—started working with money and time.  This week belonged to Isaac Lhotka and he sure had a great week.  That concludes our Wonderful Weeks for this year.  Our spring program was fantastic as always; thanks Linda.  Have a safe Memorial Day and remember to thank a veteran.

Grade 1:  In math this week we are working on multiple step addition  problems and story problems with mixed operations.  In science we were introduced to matter.  We read the story Super Oscar and worked with words with two syllables in reading.  We also worked with adverbs.  We worked hard on preparing for our spring concert and we all sang beautifully on Thursday night.

Grade 2:  For math this week, we have been learning to identify three dimensional shapes.  We also sorted them as stackable, round, circle faces or rectangle faces.  We sang in the spring concert on Thursday evening.  Our songs had to do with colors, shapes and numbers.  Two of our favorite songs were Brush Your Teeth and America the Beautiful.

Grade 3: In math the third graders are working with directions on maps, locating points on a coordinate grid, and line segments.  This proved easy for them because of the work they did with maps in geography this year.  They enjoyed the “Drums Alive” presentation in PE class.  Our spring concert was another success and we thank Mrs. Hodgson for all the work she did to get us ready for it.  We are looking forward to “Fitness Funday” next Tuesday and hope there isn’t another rain delay.  We wish you all a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

Grade 4: In math class we started learning how to find common denominators to add and subtract fractions. In reading class we finished our novel Journey to Nowhere, and we are so excited to read the second book in the trilogy! We really enjoyed the “Drums Alive” program in PE class. The kids did a beautiful job at their spring concert. Mrs. Hodgson always does a wonderful job with the students.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are learning how to multiply fractions in math class. We were really pumped when we realized this is easier than adding and subtracting fractions. In science class we are making power points about the planets in the solar system.  In English we are learning about main verbs and helping verbs.

Grade 6: This week has been busy. The sixth graders finished up chapter 10—Measurement: Area and Volume in math and took the test on Tuesday. In spelling this week we are working with words that have Greek and Latin roots. In reading we read an autobiography called Exploring the Titanic.  We also have been very busy practicing for our spring concert that was held Thursday night, We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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