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St. Mary's Samplings 5-11-13

Kindergarten:  This was Z week and we made plans to go to the zoo in a couple of weeks.  We celebrated Quincy Mundal’s Wonderful Week!  We took a nature listening walk out to the garden and by the windmills—all the way to the park.  We heard many different sounds and we enjoyed it.   

Grade 1:  This week we read the story Cool Jobs in reading.  We learned about zoo dentists, flavor makers and beekeepers.  Most of the kids thought being a flavor maker would be fun – they thought it would be funny to make medicine taste like pizza sauce or hot dogs taste like pears.  In math we continue our work with measuring centimeters and inches and we worked on measuring the length and width of rectangles.  In social studies we learned about Sacagawea and her important role in the Lewis and Clark expeditions.  We worked on some special projects for our moms this week, too.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Grade 2:  In reading class this week we are reading about our environment and how to protect it.  We learned that plants and animals are affected by human decisions and that those decisions also affect people for long times to come. We enjoyed our field trip to Montevideo to visit historic Chippewa City.  The students attended classes on wheat weaving, folk music, one room schoolhouse, blacksmithing, fur trading and the spinning wheel. We also toured many other buildings from that time period.

Grade 3:  The third graders continued their work with customary and metric units of capacity in math.  Their Scholastic News talked about tornadoes and tornado safety.  It also talked about summer reading and gave us many suggestions for good books we might like to read to keep up our reading skills during the summer.  We took our last Aims/Web reading fluency evaluation of the year and we are also taking our final NWEA math and reading tests. We wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

Grade 4: This week we have been working on circles. We are learning about the radius, diameter, and circumference. We also learned about Pi and how that can help us find the circumference of a circle. We also finished up some AIMS Web testing to help us see how we are doing on our reading fluency. In science class we are having a great time learning about the planets.

Grade 5: In math class we are learning about exponential form. We are also reviewing prime and composite numbers, prime factorization, factors, and multiples. We are reading a novel called Journey to Nowhere  about a young girl and her family that are traveling from Connecticut to New York in the late 1800s. They encounter many obstacles in their travels and it is very exciting.

Grade 6: In math class we are learning about changing dimensions and area of circles. We completed our spring AIMS testing this week to see our reading fluency. On Friday we also started our NWEA testing. On Thursday we enjoyed the last band matinee at the elementary school. Happy Mother’s Day.

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