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St. Mary's Samplings 5-4-14

Kindergarten:  This was Y and Q week---we are running out of letters. We also celebrated Campbell Sleiter’s Wonderful Week.  We toured Bank of the West where her dad works—we saw a lot of money being counted.  We learned her mom is a social worker and works out of the court house.  We liked the few days of sunshine.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  

Grade 1:  This week in reading we read the story “Whistle for Willie.”  We worked with words with –au and –aw.  In math we started a new unit on measurement and we are learning to estimate before we measure and then see how close the measurements are to our estimates.  We are measuring with inch rulers and will be starting to use centimeters as well.  In science we are learning about the sky above us.  We learned that the sun is actually a star—the star closest to the earth and that the stars are always in the sky we just cannot see them during the day because the sun is so bright.  We enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo activities at the elementary school on Friday.   

Grade 2: In science class, we are learning about the solar system.  We have enjoyed learning many fun facts about the planets, such as that Mercury orbits the sun 4 times to Earth orbiting one time.  It was also interesting to learn that planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have many moons.  In social studies we are talking about cultures.  We have read about Ghana, Spain and Japan.  We talked about ways our cultures are alike and different.

Grade 3:  On Wednesday, May 1 we enjoyed delivering May baskets to various locations in the community.  We are grateful for the many services that are provided to our school.  We thank Bobbi’s Uncle Matt for driving us around in the Old #1 bus.  We were glad we didn’t have to deliver them in snow pants and boots!  In math we are working on measurement in the customary and metric system.  Our reading story, “Stone Soup,” reminded us how much more can be accomplished when everyone works together for the common good. We enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo activities before PE on Friday afternoon. We hope the second graders have a nice weekend for the celebration of their First Communion.

Grade 4: This week the fourth graders started working with fractions. We have learned about unit fractions, denominators, and numerators. So far we think fractions are fun! We are reading a novel called “Journey to Nowhere.”  It is fitting in well with our social studies unit as we just learned about the Northwest in the 1800s. In English we are learning about how to spell words with a consonant y ending.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are learning how to divide with both the divisor and the dividend having a decimal. In social studies we are learning about the midwest states in the present. We had a good time on Friday at the Cinco de Mayo activities. In reading we reviewed how to use context clues to help us understand the meaning of words we do not recognize.

Grade 6: The sixth graders finished their math chapter on measurement and geometry in math and started the next chapter on measurement: area and volume.  In spelling we worked with words that have negative prefixes such as in-, im, il- and ir- that make no change to the base word. On Wednesday, May 1, we were busy chasing students that delivered baskets of candy to our classrooms! On Friday we enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo activities that the high school students provided.     

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