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St. Mary's Samplings 4/27/13

Kindergarten: We worked with the letter “J” this week and also celebrated Angela Albrecht’s Wonderful Week.  We got to meet her family and tour Riverview Dairy Farms where her dad works. That was really cool!  We listened to the “big kids” give their speeches and we had a couple of visitors who are coming to kinder class next year—they did great.

Grade 1:  We finished up our unit on the seasons in science and our unit on how things have changed in social studies.  We are starting on the unit “Meeting People” in social studies in which we will learn about immigrants and different cultures.  In math we continue to work with two-digit addition.  In reading we worked with words with –oo, -ou, -ew, and –ue.  We read the story “Olivia” and talked about reality and fantasy.  We also worked with subjects and predicates.  We are happy to see some spring weather.

Grade 2: In math class we are learning to make change from $1.00 and from $5.00.  We are using the count up strategy, where we count up from the amount of the purchase to determine the amount of change.  For science, we are learning about the stars and the moon.  In studying the moon’s phases, we found out that the moon does not really change shape.  On Thursday, we were very entertained by the fifth and sixth grade speeches.

Grade 3:  It was great to have a full week of school again with no weather closings.  In math we are making cubes, prisms, cylinders and pyramids from nets. We are building three dimensional objects from drawings and also explored circles and spheres. We realized that many objects and things we see and use every day are made up of these figures!  We realized that we needed to know our multiplication facts to find a formula for volume-(length x width x height).  We are completing our basic aid training with Mrs. Folkman and will take our test next week.  We enjoyed the fifth and sixth graders’ speech contest on Thursday.

Grade 4: It was a full week—finally! We continue to work on mastering our long division with one digit. We also started to work with equations with variables. In English class we are learning how to make sure that our subjects and verbs agree in a sentence. In spelling we are learning how to spell words with prefixes.

Grade 5: The fifth graders have been so busy working on perfecting their speeches that they gave to the whole school on Thursday. They did such a good job, and I am so proud of all their hard work. In math class they learned how a remainder in a division problem can be interpreted in different ways. In social studies we continue to learn about the Midwest. We learned about how transportation has changed throughout the years.

Grade 6: The sixth graders have been learning about finding angle measures in polygons, perimeter and finding the circumference of a circle. Using a protractor was tricky at first because we had to make sure we placed the protractor correctly on the vertex and take the measurement from the right scale. Also this week, the sixth graders presented their speeches to their classmates on Monday and Tuesday and five individuals from our class made it to the round in the gym on Thursday. Everyone did a wonderful job on their speeches.

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May 4-5 First Communion

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