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Morris Area “forgives” snow days to end school on June 5

MORRIS – The Morris Area School District logged nine snow days this year, but students will only be making up seven of them, the Morris Area School Board voted Monday, April 22.

Morris Area is not the only district making these calendar adjustments. Neighboring school districts have had between three and 10 snow days this year, but very few are planning to make up every day that was missed, Superintendent Scott Monson told the board.

This month, district administrators discussed several options to make up the missed time including having students in school for a full week, June 3 – 7, with a teacher workday on June 10, or adding minutes to the current daily schedule.

However, adding time each day didn’t seem feasible this late in the year.

“We have such a short period of time to do that, I think we'd have to start school 20 to 30 minutes earlier and go that long at the end of the day, and that's just not feasible with our bus routes,” said Monson.

Instead, Monson recommended a third option that would “forgive” the two most recent snow days, April 11 and 19 to provide time for classroom transitions and professional development.

Students will have school on June 3 – 5. June 6 will be a professional development/teacher transition day and June 7 will be a teacher work day. Licensed staff members will also need to log 7.5 hours of additional time outside their contractual day to make up for missed days, Monson said.

“I think we have 24 or 30 teachers who are moving to different classrooms, and I just think that would be a good use of the time in addition to some staff development and goal setting activities,” said Monson.