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St. Mary's Samplings 042013

Kindergarten: We worked with the letters “X” and “V” this week and some new words.  The Wonderful Week belonged to Justin Giese and we got to meet his family and both sets of grandparents. On Friday we got to tour the county buildings where his dad’s office is; that was interesting.  We also had some visitors from the university who are going to be scientists—very cool.

Grade 1:  We were in charge of planning the mass this week and we did a fantastic job with our readings and bringing up the gifts.  We worked with the letters –oi and –oy in words this week and we read about how animals grow and change.  We are working very hard on our two-digit addition and are growing more confident in this skill each day.  We also worked with prepositions and prepositional phrases this week.

Grade 2: The second graders read a story called “Nutik the Wolf Pup.”  The story about a boy who  takes care of a young wolf pup and which takes place on the tundra.  We learned that in the summer he had three months of daylight without any darkness.  It was hard for us to imagine that.  In science, we are beginning a unit on the sun and the planets.  We are learning about the rotation of the earth around the sun and how we get day and night.

Grade 3: Our reading story this week was “Wilbur’s Boast” which is part of  E. B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web.”  It was funny and made some of the class want to read more of his books.  In math we practiced dividing with remainders and wrote the answers with a remainder and as a mixed number.  We are working on our music for the spring concert with Mrs. Hodgson.  We appreciate Mrs. Folkman and the Morris Area High School students who came to our classroom to help us learn how to do rescue breathing for the Red Cross BAT program.

Grade 4: We continue to work on dividing large numbers and started to concentrate on what a remainder might mean in a problem. We also learned how to convert a remainder into a fraction and a decimal. In reading we are learning about persuasive writing and the language you can use to help persuade someone to think the same way that you do. We are also learning how to spell words with inflectional endings.

Grade 5: This week the fifth graders have been busy working on memorizing books for our Annual Speech Contest. The children choose a children’s book, memorize it, and then perform the book. This is something the whole school looks forward to! We are also reviewing how to express fractions as decimals in math class. We are also enjoying reading “Little House in the Big Woods.” It is helping us understand what it was like in the midwest during that time, and we are learning about that in social studies.

Grade 6: This week in math the sixth graders have been working on understanding metric and customary units of measure and how to convert metric, customary, time and temperature. On Monday Judy Johnston from the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District gave a presentation about water shed. The presentation helped us get ideas for the poster contest we are participating in titled “Where Does Your Water Shed.” Also on Monday the sixth graders attended a presentation at the elementary school concert hall about Split Rock Lighthouse. The presentation was given by Mike Roberts who was in the U.S. Coast Guard and turned the light off at the Split Rock Lighthouse for the last time in 1968. Mike shared stories and information about his work and Lake Superior, which the sixth graders really enjoyed.

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