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Kindergarten:  We had another good week and are hopeful that spring is really here.  We graphed March’s weather and there were many more lion days than lamb. Because we couldn’t have our Seder Meal, we had a Resurrection Meal and it was wonderful.  G was the letter we worked on this week and our words were “he” and “she.”

Grade 1:  This week we worked with words with –or and we read about different kids of weather.  In math we finished up our unit on fractions and time and are now working more with money.  In social studies we learned about schools long ago and how they are different than they are now.  In science we learned about different types of clouds.

Grade 2: In science class we are studying the water cycle.  We are learning to use words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation.  In social studies class we are learning about American statues and memorials such as the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial.  We are also learning about American heroes such as Harriet Tubman, Betsy Ross and Neil Armstrong and legends such as Johnny Appleseed and John Henry.

Grade 3: It was great to get back to school for a full week after a joyous Easter weekend.  We enjoyed the Resurrection Celebration lunch on Monday and were glad that so many of our family members were able to join us. We appreciate all the extra work that Lucy and Leila do to prepare such a wonderful meal for all of us.  In math we are continuing to work with equivalent fractions and we are adding and subtracting fractions as well.  Our geography lesson taught us some interesting facts about our neighbor state Wisconsin.  We are working on our Loyalty Day poster for the VFW Auxiliary.

Grade 4: We had a great time with family and friends during our Resurrection Celebration lunch on Monday. We have really been learning about compound words this week. We had them in a lesson in spelling, reading and English—we think we are experts. We are also learning about the metric system in math class.

Grade 5: We have been working on different strategies in math class to help us multiply larger numbers. We are reading an excerpt from the book The Cricket in Times Square in reading class. In social studies we are learning about our region, the midwest. We started the read aloud Little House in the Big Woods to go along with that.

Grade 6: In math the sixth graders are currently working on congruent polygons, transformations and symmetry. This week’s spelling words are related words such as magic and magician. In reading we finished the chapter book “Number the Stars” and moved on to folk tales and read the story “Juan Verdades The Man Who Couldn’t Lie.” The sixth graders are also selecting books and starting to memorize them for the upcoming speech contest.  

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