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St. Mary's Samplings: Week of March 31, 2013

Kindergarten: Even though we had a short week it was packed full of work and fun.  We reviewed “k” and “u” and our words.  We celebrated Logan’s Wonderful Week and what a wonderful week he had.  We learned that Logan loves horses so we had a horse race that was a blast.  Unfortunately we had to cancel the Seder Meal and are going to have a Resurrection Meal on Monday.

Grade 1:  We were hard at work with our short week.  We worked with words with –ar  in them this week for spelling and phonics and reading.  We read a story about Ben Franklin—what a scientist he was!  We are working with adjectives also.  In social studies we looked at some household tools from the past and compared them to the present.  The students thought that the older washing machines looked like a lot of work to use.  In science we are learning about the seasons.  First grade wishes everyone a blessed and happy Easter!

Grade 2:  We used our two and three digit math mountains to make number families in math class. We also wrote the number sentences again, switching the numbers found on each side of the equal sign.  For example: 142-96=46 could also be written as 46=142-96.  In science class, we began studying the weather and how it changes.  We will also learn about the water cycle in this unit.  We are all looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with our families and friends.  Happy Easter!

Grade 3:  In math this week the third graders explored probability and worked with equivalent fractions.  We used fraction strips to compare fractions to see which ones were equal to each other.  Our reading story talked about animal homes and what great architects some animals are. We enjoyed listening to the sixth graders make their Science Fair presentations.  On Tuesday Micki Ritter, who just returned from her second trip to Antarctica, came to our classroom to tell us about some of her experiences there. We are looking forward to Easter and we will all enjoy a Resurrection Celebration on Monday, April 1.  We hope you all have a blessed Easter with your families.

Grade 4: In math this week we finished up our unit on multiplication and we will start to work on multi-digit division after Easter vacation. In reading we took our STAR reading test, which tells us what level books we should be reading. In English we have been working on abbreviations. We would like to wish everyone a very blessed Easter!

Grade 5: In reading class we have been practicing with partners to increase our reading fluency. We also started listening to “The Magician’s Nephew” by C.S. Lewis. In math class we finished up a mini unit on measurement and will start a unit on multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals. We hope that everyone has a fabulous time with family and friends this Easter.

Grade 6: In math we have been learning about polygons and geometric patterns. In reading we are continuing to read from the chapter book “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry. On Tuesday morning all of the 6th graders presented their Science Fair projects in the gym. The students did a wonderful job presenting and picked very interesting subjects to do their Science Fair projects on. We hope everyone has a blessed Easter with their families and friends.