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Kindergarten: Spring—hmm?  We had Conner Powers Wonderful Week this week. We got to meet his family and received goodies from his grandpa who works for 3M.  We worked with the letter ‘u’ this week and talked about underwear that makes us giggle.  Our book that we wrote and illustrated has returned from the publisher and we are sure it will be a best seller!

Grade 1:  Well it was a very short week due to the weather. Spring has definitely come in like a lion this year. We are anxiously awaiting some nice spring weather.  In math this week we continued working with fractions and were introduced to circle graphs and clocks and telling time.  In reading we are working on the comprehension skill of cause and effect.  We read the story “Kitten’s First Full Moon.”  We are also learning about adjectives.

Grade 2: Our first weeks of March have definitely come in like a lion.  Hopefully with spring officially here, the remaining days of March will go out like a lamb. In science we have finished our unit on natural resources.  We have studied such topics as soil, rocks and minerals, pollution and conservation.  We are trying to be more aware of ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle to help our earth.  We are enjoying the extra reading we are doing this month.  We had fun reading books to the kindergarten class and listening to them read their books to us.

Grade 3:  In math this week the third graders did a quick mini unit on reading and writing time in numbers and words, elapsed time, and also discussed clock angles and related the number of degrees on a clock to the number of minutes elapsed.  We also continued our work with fractions and found fractions of sets and numbers.  Our reading story was a fun account of penguins living in Antarctica.  We decided that they would probably be comfortable living in Minnesota this week.  We are all hoping that winter is behind us and we can get the rest of the school year in without any more weather related cancellations.

Grade 4: In math class we are continuing to work on multiplication. We are getting into some really large numbers—even into the thousands. In reading class we are listening to C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It is a classic and we are really enjoying it. We were glad to have a review lesson in spelling this week with such a crazy weather schedule.

Grade 5: In math class we are working on the measuring capacity using the metric system and our customary units of measurement. We are also working on using context clues to help us understand words we don’t know in reading. We are starting to think about what books we will be using for our speech contest this spring as well.

Grade 6:  We have been enjoying reading the novel “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry in reading class.  It is a story of Denmark and the Danish people, whose resistance was so effective in saving the Jewish people in Denmark. The Johansen family takes in a Jewish girl and she pretends to be part of the family.  

They later help the family go to Sweden where they are safe from the Nazis.

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