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Kindergarten: What a week. When we came to school on Monday we realized we had a leprechaun living in our classroom—he is a trickster—all our supplies have been turned to green and things are messed up each day!  We made a pact to share the gold when we caught him and we all would be rich. Guess what, we are not rich.  We also celebrated Jackson Hallman’s Wonderful Week and got to meet Matt, his Tae kwon do instructor.  What a fun week.

Grade 1:  We have been busy learning about fractions in math this week.  We have learned about 1/2 and 1/4.  In reading we read about animals that work together to help each other.  In social studies we are learning about how schools were different in the past than what they are now.  We thought it was very interesting to know that all the grades used to be all together in one school room.  And we also thought it was interesting that the students used to have to help the teacher do chores in the classroom.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.

Grade 2: The second graders are learning to subtract two and three digit numbers.  We are learning the regrouping process when starting with numbers like 200.  With practice, we are understanding the methods to solve subtraction problems more and more.  In social studies we are learning about America’s past.  We have spent time this week learning about Native American life.   An exciting part of our day is beginning to write letters and words in cursive.

Grade 3: This week in math the third graders worked with fractions as part of a whole, a set, and compared them as well.  Our spelling lesson worked with words with the prefixes un and re.  On Wednesday we enjoyed tubing in PE.  We made decorations for the St. Patrick’s Day dinner and we hope that many of you put on your “green” and come to Assumption Church on Sunday, March 17 to enjoy it.

Grade 4: This week in math we are working on larger multiplication problems. We are using some fun methods such as making rectangles to help us solve them. We are reading a play in reading class and had fun acting it out. We talked about themes in stories and how they can teach us lessons or morals.

Grade 5: The fifth graders started a unit on cubic volume. We are learning how to relate length, area, and volume. In English class we are learning how to combine sentences to make them easier to read. We are also learning how to correctly use abbreviations. In religion class we are learning how making good choices can make our lives so much easier.

Grade 6: This week in math we are working on geometry.  We have learned about measuring and classifying angles, understanding the relationship of angles, and classifying parts of angles. We have finished our unit on weather and climate, and will begin our next unit on astronomy in science. The topic of discussion in religion is the conclave, which is the process of electing a new pope.

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