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Kindergarten: Another snow day!  Even the kids are getting tired of them.  We worked with the letter L this week.   We were in charge of Mass on Wednesday and what a super job we did; we are getting to be such good readers. We celebrated Montgomery Minnick this week. We met his family and got to make pirate hats.

Grade 1:  This week we finished up Unit 6 in math on graphs, measurement and comparing, and are starting unit 7 – fractions, circle graphs, and clocks.  In reading we worked with words with the long /i/ sound made by the letters –igh, -y, and –i.  We worked on recognizing the plot of the story.  In science we made “I Spy” bottles because we are talking about reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We reused an old water bottle to make them.

Grade 2:  We have been working with ways to make one dollar in math class.  We have also startedlearning different strategies to find a missing partner in a math mountain.  That will lead us into learning to subtract two digit numbers using the traditional method.  In science class we are learning about rocks and soil.

Grade 3:  In Spanish this week the third graders worked with Guadalupe on the months of the year.  We are working on perimeter and area in math and are working with the north central region of the United States in geography.  We enjoyed the “Whale in the School” program on Thursday and thank Judy Johnston and the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District for all they do to make this program available in our area.  Remember to turn your clocks ahead this weekend!

Grade 4: The fourth graders were lucky enough to have an opportunity to attend a class to learn all about wolves. It was put on by the Prairie Ecology Bus Center and sponsored by the Stevens County SWCD office. We learned so much about this beautiful animal. We are also working on prefixes and how they can change the meaning of a word.

Grade 5: We are busy working on learning how decimals and fractions are related in math class this week. We are also finishing up our story “Maniac Magee,” and we can’t wait to see how things turn out for him. In reading class we are working on our reading fluency and making inferences. In social studies we are now learning about the southeast states as they are today.

Grade 6: We are busy following the Iditarod dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.  We started by reading the story “The Great Serum Race” which told about the dog sled teams getting serum from Anchorage to Nome for the treatment of a diphtheria epidemic in 1925.  The Iditarod commemorates the famous serum run. We wrote reports about some of the 61 mushers and learned about the rules, the route, equipment and dogs used in the race. We are charting the race and cheering on our favorites.

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Mar. 13 Silent Bids for the Playhouse are Due

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