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Kindergarten:  Whoo-hoo a full week of school and it was a good one!  We worked with the letter b this week and learned the words “and, and what.” It was Drew Huebner’s Wonderful Week—we got to meet the Cougar softball team because his aunt plays for them and so does Isaac Lhotka’s.  

Grade 1:  This week we worked with shape rotations and shape combinations in math.  In reading we worked with words with the long /o/ sound made by –o, -ow, -oe, and –oa.  We read a story about Cesar Chavez and how he helped people.  We learned a lot about the importance of working together as a team.  In science we focused on how we use earth’s resources of water, air, and soil and the importance of keeping these resources clean.

Grade 2:  We are beginning a social studies unit on long ago times.  We will begin with the 13 colonies deciding to form their own country, the Revolutionary War, and the early days of the United States.  Then we will focus more on pioneers and their life.  In reading class, we read a factual story about an abandoned harbor seal pup that was rescued, taken care of, and returned to the wild.

Grade 3: It has been great to have a full week of school with no weather delays. In math we are working on multi-step word problems and we are putting our multiplication and division skills to use.  We are also practicing our mental math skills.  We completed our Student Treasure books and sent them off to the printer.  Mrs. Folkman came several times so we could catch up on our Red Cross basic aid training.  We enjoyed having some UMM students come into the classroom for the Read Across America program.

Grade 4: We had another busy week. It was great that it was a full one finally. We read the story “Dear Mrs. LaRue” in reading class. We also worked hard on learning different methods to multiply larger numbers and were able to choose the method we felt most comfortable with to use. We also worked on plural possessive nouns in English class.

Grade 5: We continue to learn about fractions in math class this week. We are starting to add and subtract with fractions that have an unlike denominator. It was hard at first, but we are becoming experts! We are also learning about climate in science class and made a barometer for our classroom.

Grade 6: We are finishing our unit on predicting weather by studying weather fronts and the technology used to predict the weather.  In math we are learning how to write a percent as a fraction or as a decimal.  We are also expressing decimals as fractions. We have been using these skills to work with discounts, tips, sales tax and to find simple interest.  In English we are studying linking verbs, irregular verbs and perfect tense verbs.

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Mar. 8 Stations of the Cross:  11:20

Mar. 12 Board of Ed. Mtg. 6:30