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Kindergarten:  This was a wild week with the snow days and late starts but we did manage to learn the letter E and the words this and do.  We were excited to hear that Conner Powers was the lucky winner of our class project.  Looking forward to a full week of school.

Grade 1:  This week was a hectic week with the weather Mother Nature sent our way!  We worked with the long /e/ sound in reading made by the letters –e, -ee, -ea, and –ie.  We read the story “Gram and Me” and talked about what the characters do in the different settings of the story.  In math we are working on story problems with comparisons and picture graphs and tables.  We are also busy working on our Student Treasures class book.

Grade 2: This week has gone by quickly with all our weather related interruptions.  We finished our math unit on graphing and will be moving into a geometry unit on diagonals next.  Most of our week has been spent writing and illustrating our Student Treasures book.  The second graders decided to write our version of one of their favorite book series about Minnie and Moo.  Many giggles and smiles appeared as we wrote.

Grade 3: We have been trying to keep working on our math multiplication and division facts.  We took our NWEA reading and math tests and are working on our illustrations for our Student Treasures book.  We are thinking about our Lenten journey and are making a sacrifice by trying to do something that will help change our life for the better. Congratulations to Grandma Virginia Mahoney for making the highest bid on our class project at the auction dinner at the Old #1 on Saturday night.  Jack Mahoney is excited about being the “Principal for the Day” sometime soon.

Grade 4: Not a lot of school again this week, which is a bummer, but we did manage to get some schoolwork in. We continue to talk about nouns in English class. This week we learned about singular and possessive nouns. We worked hard on this because it can be tricky. We also had a tricky spelling lesson on words with a vowel sound and the letter r in them.

Grade 5: Even though we did not get to see each other much this week, we still managed to work hard when we were in school. We have been diligently working on getting our Student Treasure Book done so we can have it finished by our press date. We have also continued to talk about the Civil War in social studies class. In math class we are working on equivalent fractions so we can start adding fractions with unlike denominators.

Grade 6:  We have been busy writing our Treasure Books about our trip to Wolf Ridge.  In science we have been learning about clouds, precipitation, and storms.  On Wednesday, Mr. Tim Jay gave us a presentation on the brain. We had very exciting news this week. Our teacher had a baby girl and named her Braelyn Noelle.

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Feb. 25        Preschool Night

Feb. 28        Gr. 4 Ski trip

Mar. 1        Fish Fry