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Kindergarten:  What an interesting week!  We learned about R this week.  We also worked with patterns which we love.  We celebrated 100 days of school and are so excited about being 100 days smarter, even though we are not first graders yet. We are excited to hear who got our class project and who won the playhouse.

Grade 1:  We had a very busy week with all this snow.  We celebrated our 100th day of school with a special math activity.  We started Lent with Ash Wednesday mass.  We are reading the folktale “Drakes Tail” this week in reading and working with words with the long /a/ sound made by the letters –ay and –ai.  In math we continue to work with graphing and are starting with tables.  We got to see our class quilt all finished for the Dinner Auction.  We love it and cannot wait to see who the winning bidder is.

Grade 2:  The second graders loved all the new snowfall this week and enjoyed playing outside for PE.  In math, we continued to learn about graphs.  We have learned to take a survey and to put the information onto a table, a picture graph, a bar graph or on a circle graph.  We are also solving problems using a graph.  In reading, we read a story about a trip to the emergency room.  Hopefully, if we ever need to go to the emergency room, we will be less afraid about what happens there.

Grade 3:  Another short week with no school on Monday and two late starts makes it difficult to keep things going smoothly.  We kept up with our reading and math and worked on our Treasure Book written pages.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Thursday and enjoyed playing in the fresh snow at recess and in PE as well.  Josh Fischer came in to let us word burn our names on the back board of the Pie Safe he built for our classroom project for the dinner and auction this Saturday evening.   We pounded the tin inlays for the door and sides and think the Pie Safe looks great!  We are grateful to him for the wonderful job he did in its construction.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been busy working on the rough draft for our Treasure Book story that is based on the true story of one of our Flat Stanleys going missing. That part of the story is true—the part about us traveling around the United States to find it and winning the lottery to be able to do it unfortunately is not. We are learning about the Civil War in social studies class.

Grade 5: We are learning about the cause and effects of the Civil War in social studies class. We have learned that civil means a fight between two parts of the same country. We also learned how to discover what fractions are equivalent and how to understand the role of the multiplier in equivalent fractions. We continue to work on our rough drafts of our class books, and we are really coming up with a fantastic story.

Grade 6: In math class we are learning about proportions, similar figures, and indirect measurements. In spelling we are working on words with vowel sounds with the letter r. In social studies class we are learning about the ancient Romans and some of their greatest leaders. Interesting people we have been learning about are Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Octavian.

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Feb. 19        4th Grade Ski Trip

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Feb. 25        Preschool Night