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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This was D week and what a good week!  We had Daddy and Doughnuts!  Daddy had to get up extra early that day.  We also met Dan the dog man and Dealer the dog!  We started our new math book---do you know we are very good at addition and subtraction?

Grade 1: In math we have started a new unit.  We are learning to compare data and information using picture graphs.  In reading, we are learning to compare similarities and differences.  We have been reading stories about kids around the world.  In social studies, we learned about our country’s flag - why it has 13 stripes and 50 stars.  We were happy to have temperatures that allowed us to play outside in the fresh snow!

Grade 2:  We were able to go to our postponed field trip to the Stevens County Historical Museum this week.  Randee Hokanson shared information about changes in communication and transportation over the last one hundred years.  She also showed us some items donated to the museum from St. Mary’s School.

We saw an interesting set of word stamps used to make sentences and some glass slides that were projected larger for students to view.  We finished our field trip by looking at the wool exhibit.  Thank you to Randee and to our volunteer drivers for a great trip.

Grade 3: We are continuing our work with multiplication and division in math.  We realize that we all need to practice our facts so we can do our work faster and accurately. We are using our iPad to practice our facts in the classroom.  In Spanish we are working on our colors and the parts of our body with Guadalupe. Our geography lesson worked with the southeast region of the United States.  Our reading story was a wonderful Kwanzaa fable that taught how much more can be accomplished by working together!  We are excited to see our completed Pie Safe for the St. Mary’s Dinner/Auction.  We wonder who will bid on it and get to take it home.

Grade 4: We are continuing to work on geometry in math class. We are learning about polygons and the characteristics a shape has to have to be one. We are working on making bird houses and painting them for our class project for our St. Mary’s auction and dinner. They will be displayed on our potting bench that will be auctioned off.

Grade 5: We continue to work on fractions in math class. We are learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to change one into the other. We are also brainstorming for our Class Treasure Book that we are creating that will be published. We started working on painting some planter pots for our project for the St. Mary’s Auction.

Grade 6: This week in math the sixth graders finished the chapter ‘Collecting and Displaying Data’ and took a test on Wednesday. We started the next chapter in math which is ‘Proportional Relationships’ in which we will be working with ratios, equivalent ratios, unit rates, proportions, percents and more.  The sixth graders are currently working on writing and illustrating a book about their experience at the Wolf Ridge Learning Center. In science we are continuing to learn about weather and climate.

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