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University of Minnesota bonding requests

The University of Minnesota is ready with a list of repair and construction projects on its campuses in case Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators decide to approve public works funding this year.

At the top of the list is $125 million to repair a wide variety of facilities, as well as making buildings more energy efficient and taking care of health, safety and accessibility concerns.

While the Legislature often passes large public works bills, to be funded by the state selling bonds, in even-numbered years, Dayton is expected to suggest a bonding bill this year. Most observers say it likely will be in the $750 million range.

Dayton's office said his bonding proposals will not be part of the budget plan he releases Tuesday.

Here are other university bonding requests:

-- $9.7 million to rehabilitate Eddy Hall classroom building on the Twin Cities campus.

-- $4 million to design a new laboratory on the St. Paul campus.

-- $6 million to design a renovation of the Tate Laboratory building for Twin Cities science programs.

-- $12 million to design, renovate and expand the Crookston campus wellness and recreation center.

-- $8 million to replace obsolete food safety, environment and energy research facilities.

-- $8 million to renovate existing classrooms.