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Gartland re-elected Morris Area School Board Chair

MORRIS - The Morris Area School Board will look virtually the same in 2013 as it did in 2012, at least through the middle of the year.

On Monday, the school board unanimously re-elected Kurt Gartland as chair, Stan Wulf as vice-chair, and Dick Metzger as clerk/treasurer at their yearly reorganizational meeting.

Board members Wulf, Metzger, Brent Fuhrman and Jamie Solvie also took the oath of office after being successfully re-elected by voters in November.

However, there was an air of uncertainty to the proceedings due to the potential consolidation with the Cyrus School District. Board members indicated that they planned to revisit many of the topics discussed at the meeting - school board member compensation, 2013 meeting dates, and committee assignments - in July with the new, combined school board if the consolidation moved forward.

But for now, school board members will continue to be compensated $1,200 for the year, with an additional $400 per year for members who serve on one of the negotiation committees. The board also voted unanimously to compensate Gartland an additional $500 per year for serving as chair, a $100 increase over 2012.

In July, the board may consider whether they should move to a model where board members are compensated per meeting they attend or raise their base compensation.

The board also made several changes to their committee assignments, which are as follows:

• Facilities: Wulf, Fuhrman

• Finance: Gartland, Metzger, Solvie

• Meet and Confer: Laura Carrington, Fuhrman

• Licensed Staff Negotiations: Gartland, Wulf

• Non-Licensed Staff Negotiations: Lory Lemke, Solvie

• Strategic Planning: Lemke, Wulf