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Morris Area FFA reaches 100-member challenge

FFA Advisor Nick Milbrand keeps a smile on his face while Beth Holland takes an electric shaver to his head.

Morris Area FFA Advisor Nick Milbrand challenged the students to get 100 members in the local chapter ... and gladly paid the price when they did!

Milbrandt challenged this year's officers to recruit 100 members and promised to shave his head if the goal was reached. On Thursday, the FFA celebrated 100 members in grades 8-12 with cake, punch, and an electric shaver.

Officers Brooke Wente, Tom Holland, Steph Hennen, Chelsey Ehleringer, Haley Kotts, Brady Wulf, Tim Smith, and Beth Holland took turns shaving Milbrandt's head. Last year, the local chapter had 96 members, but lost 36 seniors to graduation.