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University of Minnesota, Morris welcomes new students and faculty

MORRIS - The University of Minnesota, Morris won't have a record-breaking year for enrollment, but preliminary numbers indicate that student numbers and quality remain strong for the 2012-2013 school year.

There are currently 525 new students (incoming freshmen and transfer students) registered for this fall, but that number may change during the first few weeks of school. Enrollment numbers are finalized 10 days after the first day of classes - Wednesday, Aug. 22.

A majority of UMM's new students, more than 85 percent, are from Minnesota. The new class is also very diverse, said Bryan Herrmann, director of admissions.

Additionally, a solid one-third of UMM's new students are first generation college students. For many new college students, UMM is a comfortable place to come to school and avoid some of the other stresses that come with college on a larger campus, Herrmann said.

"You get to be in an environment where people care about you," said Herrmann. "Throughout the community there are a lot of events and support, a lot of opportunities for students to mesh and connect, which is better than if you're in a larger, urban environment."

Herrmann compared the makeup of 2012's new students to enrollment in 2010. Overall enrollment will likely be slightly less than 2011, "but still very good," said Herrmann.

UMM will also be welcoming 24 new faculty members to campus this fall - 10 new tenure-track faculty, seven retiree replacements, five replacements for faculty leave, and two diversity pre-doctoral reaching fellows.

UMM's new students will arrive on campus this Sunday for moving day and the first day of new student orientation. To follow along with the event, you can follow UMM on Twitter at or check in on Facebook at