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Morris Area High School plans to ban cell phones in class next year

MORRIS - Morris Area High School plans to ban students from having cell phones with them during class beginning with the upcoming school year.

New language in the MAHS Parent Student Handbook, which got a second reading at the Morris Area School Board's meeting on Monday night, states that students who bring cell phones or other electronic communication devices to school must leave them in their lockers during class time. Students will be allowed to check their phones between classes, and cell phones can still be used during lunch.

The proposed language further states that, "No cellular phones or other personal communication devices are allowed in the classrooms and will be confiscated if they are present. Once confiscated, the cell phone will be retained by the high school principal until a parent/guardian conference is held."

For a first offense, the cell phone will be held until a parent/guardian can come to the school to pick it up. For a second offense, the cell phone will be "retained in the office for a period of time as determined by the principal and the parent/guardian. Additional disciplinary action may occur."

The MAHS Parent Student Handbook will receive a third reading and be considered for final approval at the school board's next meeting in July.