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MAHS junior named national champion in BPA competition

Members of the Morris Area BPA

Morris Area junior Dylan Curfman was named the national champion in Human Resource Management at the Business Professionals of American National Convention in Chicago, Ill. last weekend.

The chapter also received the National Safety Awareness Award and the Entrepreneurship Exploration Award.

Crufman was one of 13 Morris BPA students who accepted the invitation to attend the national tournament: Sydney Beyer, Julia Sauder, Renae Mullins, Laura Kuhn, Haley Rohloff, Kaylee Brandt, Chelsey Ehleringer, Paige Loew, Carly Gullickson, Connor Metzger, Michael Anderson, Blake Hockert and Dylan Curfman. In total, 28 chapter members qualified for nationals.

At the national tournament, students participated in seven events: Administrative Support Research (Chelsey Ehleringer), Network Design Team (Connor Metzger, Haley Rohloff, Kaylee Brandt and Renae Mullins), Economic Research Team (Dylan Curfman, Michael Anderson and Blake Hockert), Banking and Finance (Michael Anderson), Fundamental Accounting (Julia Sauder), Payroll Accounting (Julia Sauder) and Human Resource Management (Dylan Curfman).

Fifteen students were Ambassador Torch Award recipients: Sydney Beyer, Laura Kuhn, Haley Rohloff, Connor Metzger, Michael Anderson, Paige Loew, Carly Gullickson, Renae Mullins, Julia Sauder, Chelsea Fangmeier, Tina Thooft, Courtney Ehleringer, Sydney Engebretson, Kenzie Van Batavia and Kelsey Mitteness.

Five students served as National BPA Interns: Paige Loew, Carly Gullickson, Laura Kuhn, Sydney Beyer and Kaylee Brandt.

Additionally, the chapter helped serve on candidate campaign team for Rowena Zang, a Minnesota student who was voted to serve as a national officer. National voting delegates included Paige Loew, Carly Gullickson, Laura Kuhn and Sydney Beyer. The campaign consisted of Michael Anderson, Blake Hockert, Connor Metzger, Julia Sauder, Renae Mullins, Haley Rohloff, Kaylee Brandt, Chelsey Ehleringer and Dylan Curfman.

The students were chaperoned by Jame Beyer and Superintendent Scott Monson.

Morris BPA wishes to express their gratitude toward Superior Industries and the Morris Co-op for their financial contributions toward the trip to the national BPA convention.