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Fool's Gold on stage tonight at Morris Area

Morris Area's production of "Fool's Gold" will be presented Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

The comedy is directed by Mikayla Netter and Seth Kelly.

Netter said the play's "slap-stick humor" is a lot of fun for both the cast and audience.

Written by Melody Jacobson, the comedy is about the Fool family.

According to Eldridge Plays and Musicals: "They've found gold on their homestead and now the whole county has been drawing gold diggers - including two outlaws, the evil Wiley Slithers and Dr. What, a hopeless kleptomaniac. Slithers devises a plan to get rid of Ma and Pa Fool and son Ura so he can marry the lovely daughter, Ima. However, she is stronger than a horse and refuses to marry any man until he can beat her in arm wrestling. Not only that, but Slithers and Dr. What must also outsmart the guy Ima has her heart set on, the handsome milkman, Sam Lactose. Local loonies complicate their evil plan and three neighborhood busybodies drag three men from the audience for an arm wrestling match. Put it all together and you've got 14-karat fun."