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School board approves two facilities projects

MORRIS, Minn. - The Morris Area School Board approved bids for two facilities improvement projects - re-roofing a portion of the high school and recommissioning equipment in both buildings - at a special meeting on Thursday.

Last month, the district Facilities Committee met and heard presentations from three roofing firms who were bidding on a project to replace about 39,000 square feet of the high school roof covering the school's 1991 additions.

"For several years we've extended the life of that as long as we can, probably," said Superintendent Scott Monson.

The board voted to accept a bid from Tremco Incorporated, which estimated the cost of the project would be between $375,000 and $395,000, depending on where bids come in. The estimate is based on a 30-year, high-performance, multi-ply built-up roof system.

The new roof will be "a lot better roof than what we have up there right now," said Monson. "In fact, it'll be the best roof we have on any of our facilities."

The estimated project cost does not include a potential repair to the building's "thru wall flashing" - the material used to keep moisture out of the walls. Monson told the board that two of the companies who presented on the roofing project were "very concerned" about the deteriorated material. If the thru wall flashing needed to be replaced, it could cost between $75,000 and $95,000.

If the re-roofing project goes as planned, the project could be finished by as early as August 17. Funds to pay for the project have already been set aside.

The second project is to recommission electrical and mechanical equipment in both district buildings. The bid approved by the board was from Custom Commissioning and Energy Service for $57,878.

Under the proposal, Custom Commissioning and Energy Service will look through the buildings systems to made adjustments and point out any potential problems. It also includes $15,000 to implement controls to maximize the efficiency of the systems.

Monson said the district could see a payoff in utility savings in about three years. Recommissioning will also extend the life of the district's equipment.

The recommissioning project will be funded with health and safety levy money.