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Find out if "Anyone Can Whistle"

Corrupt Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper (standing, played by Kelsey Mitteness) and her three henchmen, Chief of Police Magruder, Comptroller Schub and Treasurer Cooley (from left to right, James Aaronson, Thomas McPhee and Ben Jerke) have bankrupt their town and hope to save it with a manufactured miracle in "Anyone Can Whistle.2 / 2

MORRIS - Morris Area High School students will present "Anyone Can Whistle,"a 1964 musical based on a book by Arthur Laurents with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

"Anyone Can Whistle" performances will take place Nov. 17 - 19 at 7:30 p.m. The show is directed by Mikayla Netter with co-director Rachel Coler.

"Anyone Can Whistle" is the story of a bankrupt imaginary American town, run by a corrupt mayoress named Cora Hoover Hooper (played by Kelsey Mitteness) and her three henchmen, Chief of Police Magruder (James Aaronson), Comptroller Schub (Thomas McPhee) and Treasurer Cooley (Ben Jerke). The only place in the town doing well is the sanitarium, "The Cookie Jar."

To help save the town - and continue making money for Cora - Magruder, Schub and Cooley manufacture a miracle that they hope will bring tourists to the area.

Their plan faces a challenge, however, in the form of an idealistic and skeptical nurse named Fay Apple (Krista Matthews-Saugstad), who brings the sanitarium occupants (the "Cookies") to test out the miracles for themselves. When Schub tries to stop Fay, the Cookies start to mingle with the townspeople until no one can tell who is crazy and who is not. Only the arrival of a mysterious stranger, J. Bowden Hapgood (Caleb Sanderson), may help solve the puzzle.