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School board considers school goals

Both High School Principal Mike Coquyt and Elementary School Principal Bran Korn provided memos to the board outlining building goals and focus areas for the 2011 - 2012 school year.

One project at the high school that was discussed by the board was the Student Assistance Team - a group Coquyt said was in place to help monitor student grades throughout the year and provide another layer of intervention for students.

Last year students only received grade updates twice a quarter - once at mid-term and once at the end of the quarter. This year, Coquyt said grade reports will be issued every three weeks.

"Our hope is to catch kids that might be falling through the cracks academically," said Coquyt. "The Student Assistance Team, basically, [will be] very intentional about talking with kids who are on the D or F or I list after we drop the grades."

Team members will check in with students to find out what is happening in the classroom and try to assist students academically.

Board member Jamie Solvie suggested that adding a message to the parent portal to let parents know there had been a conversation with their student about grades.

Elementary school building goals, which were not discussed as extensively, include implementation of the Measures of Academic Process (MAPS) for all students and continued implementation of the Response to Intervention philosophy.

Other business

• The board voted to renew membership in the Minnesota Rural Education Association at a cost of about $2,060 each year for the next two years.

Superintendent Scott Monson told the board a benefit from joining MREA would be better communication during the legislative session as well as insight from the organization's lobbyist at the state capitol.

• Monson told the board that as of the end of September, more than 140 students were involved in an enrollment status change (move in or out of the district, open enroll in or out of the district, or change homeschooling status).

Monson also told the board that preliminary figures show that nearly 70 percent of juniors and seniors have enrolled in at least one College in the Schools course, up from 56 percent in 2009 - 2010.

• School Board Chair Kurt Gartland updated the board about the progress being made in negotiations with licensed staff. Gartland said there had been eight meetings to date, and although the groups were "still a ways apart," they were still working to reach an agreement.