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UMM welcomes new students and faculty

New faculty and professional staff at UMM for the 2011-2012 school year.

MORRIS - The freshman class arriving at UMM for orientation this weekend will be the largest incoming class of first year students since 2003, keeping UMM's number of degree-seeking students over 1,800 for the 2011 - 2012 school year.

Bryan Herrmann, director of admissions at UMM, said the class is about 10 percent higher than last year's incoming class, which included 419 first-year students. However, official numbers won't be available until 10 days after classes start on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

"It's a very, very good number for us," said Herrmann.

Herrmann said the class is "pretty typical" for UMM, with a large number of students from Minnesota and the upper Midwest. There has also been a "sizable increase" in international student enrollment this year, many from China.

"Students from China are very excited about traveling to the United States for school right now," said Herrmann. "If you look across the country, that's typically where students are coming from."

Herrmann credits hard work on campus learning to tell UMM's story better, as well as communicating the high levels of student satisfaction with the campus to prospective students.

UMM's recent ranking on the Forbes "America's Top Colleges" list -- 90th overall and 16th in the "Best of the Midwest" -- is also a positive indication for the university.

"The data that they used show a really good picture of the quality that's happening and the value," said Herrmann. "We have a staff here that's working really, really hard, and I think that can't go unnoticed as well."

Joining new and returning students are 25 new faculty and professional staff members:

  • Andrew Nordin, lecturer, studio art
  • Anthony Ocaña, lecturer, communication, media & rhetoric
  • Brian Parmeter, teaching specialist, English/language/studio art
  • Chlene Anderson, coordinator, online learning
  • Dustin Retzlaff, teaching specialist, music
  • Edwin Brands, assistant professor, environmental studies
  • Elaine Nelson, teaching specialist, history
  • Fred Wallace, lecturer, economics
  • Hsiang-Wang Liu, lecturer, history
  • Jean McKenzie, teaching specialist, economics/management
  • Kristin Demetriou, teaching specialist, philosophy
  • Karissa White, pre-doctoral fellow, history
  • Kerri Barnstuble, coordinator, office for academic success
  • Kristin-Ann Beck, assistant director, Grants Development
  • Mary Pahl, teaching specialist, elementary education
  • Tammy Pannells, lecturer, psychology
  • Mercredi Chasman, assistant professor, mathematics
  • Nancy Cheeseman, director of the office for academic success and coordinator of disability services
  • Nicholas Deardorff, assistant professor, geology
  • Nicholas Leonard, lecturer, psychology
  • Saikat Mukherjee, assistant professor, mathematics
  • Seiji Takemae, assistant professor, physics
  • Simon Tillier, teaching specialist, music
  • Tom Sarmiento, pre-doctoral fellow, English
  • Xia Zhang, teaching specialist, anthropology