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Morris Police Department Kicks Off Student Safety Campaign

The Morris Police Department in association with AAA, the Morris Sun Tribune, and KMRS/KKOK Radio will be implementing a comprehensive Traffic Safety Campaign beginning in April. The focus of this campaign is to educate Morris Area High School students in grades 8th through 12th on the benefits of safety belt usage. Through the month of April, students will have three ways to participate and win prizes.

The first and best way students can participate is by wearing their safety belt. On random days and at random times, an officer of the Morris Police Department with the help from the Morris Area High School Student Council will hand out "Safety Belt Tickets" to students seen wearing their seatbelts. These tickets will then be entered into a drawing for prizes.

The second way that a student can participate in the campaign is to write a 300 word essay regarding one of the following topics: Teen Use of Safety Belts, Texting While Driving, Cell Phone Use by Teen Drivers, and Passengers and the Teenage Driver. The top three winners will be chosen by the editor of the Morris Sun Tribune, School Resource Officer, and Morris Safe and Sober Coordinator Officer Reggie Welle. The three essay winners will see their article published in the Morris Sun Tribune and the school newspaper and will be awarded prizes.

The third way to participate in the campaign is for students to create a 15-to-30 second Public Service Announcement pertaining to the aforementioned topics. The top three will be chosen by the director of the radio station and the announcements will be aired over the local radio stations, KMRS/KKOK, and the schools website. The Public Service Announcements can be presented in two ways, either audio form or written which will be changed to audio at a later time. Again, the top three winners will receive prizes.

A final way to earn recognition is to produce a 30-60 second video pertaining to those topics listed above. The top three will be chosen by officers of the Morris Police Department and the videos will be aired on the Morris local channel and on the Morris Police Department website. There will also be another prize for this category.

"Safety Belt Tickets," essays, and announcements need to be turned into Morris High School Resource Officer before 3:00 p.m. on May 3, 2010. Questions can be directed to Officer Reggie Welle at the Morris Police Department, 320-589-1155.

If there are other businesses that want to help sponsor this campaign, contact Officer Reggie Welle of the Morris Police Department.