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What is going on at the Hancock School?

Compiled by Nicole Schmidt

American Education Week spotlights the importance of providing every child in America with a quality public education from kindergarten through college, and the need for everyone to do his or her part in making public schools great.

American Education Week was developed to support a national effort to raise public awareness of the importance of education. This year American Education week is observed Nov. 14 - 20.

The first observance of American Education Week occurred Dec. 4-10, 1921, with the NEA and American Legion as the cosponsors. We continue this important tradition to observe the important education plays in our community. As a school, the principal, board members, and teachers are committed to providing our students with a well rounded public education.

Each day during the week will spotlight a different aspect of school life nationwide. Here at Hancock, school board members will go out of their way to serve lunch to students one day during American Education week. Teachers are also doing a lot in their classrooms every day. Here is a short list of what teachers in Hancock are doing now.

Mrs. DeBoer's Preschool Classes:

Preschool is in the middle of learning about our five senses. We learned about and explored using our senses of sight, sound, and smell. We had a smelling bee and we used binoculars to look for different things in the room and made predictions with the book, "Look Again." We are going to explore our sense of taste with a taste test later this week and learn about our sense of touch next week.

Mrs. DeBoer's Early Childhood Family

Education Classes:

The ECFE will be going to the Hancock Public Library to learn more about books and the library.

Mrs. Christianson's

Kindergarten Class:

Kindergarten has been busy learning how to spell all their color words and blending sounds to make three letter words (cat, mat). We are learning the difference between night and day, learning how to make two part patterns and names of shapes. The students are beginning to read easy readers with pictures.

Mrs. Wink's 1st Grade Class:

In 1st grade we are covering a lot of phonetic skills, such as working hard on the letters c, k, ck. In math we started basic addition facts, the first graders are very excited to finally be taking home homework!

Mrs. Voorhee's 2nd Grade Classroom:

In 2nd grade our student teacher, Ms. Kerber, introduced students to stars and constellations. This accompanied our story "Henry and Mudge" and "The Starry Night."

Mrs. Brown's 3rd

Grade Class:

Our 3rd grade has been very busy in science finishing up our leaf projects. We learned the parts of a tree and made a book with many different types of leaves. In reading, we have also been giving oral book reports that they found to really enjoy. In math we are learning measurements, story problems, addition facts, and the names of polygons. In social we just started practicing for our Thanksgiving play that will be given on Nov. 24.

Mrs. Rustad's

4th grade Class:

The 4th graders are doing the Flat Stanley project. Flat Stanley helps us integrate reading, English and social studies. Each student sends their Flat Stanley to friends around the United States with a journal. We map the Stanleys' travels and do journal writing and then send him out again. Our hope is that between all students we can hit all 50 states.

Mrs. Nelson's

5th Grade Class:

The 5th graders are finishing a Native American unit. They made totem poles and six different Native American shelters. They are going to be doing a Thanksgiving play on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Anyone is welcome. The 5th graders are working with science experiments and variables; they made pendulums and lifeboats with this unit. They are also excited about new AR online program for reading.

Mrs. Flaten's

6th Grade Class:

The 6th graders are in the middle of a poetry unit. Students are reading and analyzing poetry and writing their own. In math we are working on fractions. We just finished our Matter Unit in science. We will be back to studying Minnesota History next week.

Welle's Physical

Education Classes:

Secondary PE is working on lifetime sports. Tennis is what is being played right now and every Wednesday we have a weight training/conditioning day.

Elementary PE students (3-6) are working on volleyball skills. They are building up their skills to be playing a game of volleyball by the end of the week. (PK-2) Students are working on striking skills, eye hand coordination, manipulating objects using their upper body, basically volleyball at a more simple level.

Mr. Grunig's Music Classes:

Starting in 5th grade students will get their band instruments. These students will have individual lessons. Sixth graders will become members of the junior band, which is made up of 6-8 graders. The 9-12 band is currently working on their pep band folder for basketball games. This pep band folder will be presented on Nov. 23 at 8 p.m.

Mrs. Stevenson's Art Classes:

The art department is one of the busiest hands on class in the school. The 8th graders have just finished a drawing and chalking academic standard. They will now begin their history standard. The Art 9 and 11 classes are working on their leather making standard. The seniors are implementing a line drawing project and the juniors are finishing their vertical line drawing lesson. The elementary classes are also studying a variety of materials. The 6th grade is in an Egyptian unit, the 5th grade class is doing a mask unit and the 4th grade is finishing a puzzle making unit.

Mrs. Dougherty's


In the business and technology department, the junior business class has just ended a banking and finance unit and is entering the world of credit cards. They'll learn the advantages and disadvantages or credit cards and listen to a speaker about credit reports. The senior CISCO class is studying the internal components of computers and learning how to troubleshoot technical problems in technology. Junior high computer students have just finished some outstanding Power Point presentations and are now working on Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word applications. Students in accounting are immersed in accounting for a sole proprietorship service business.

Mrs. Kobbermann's Social Studies Classes:

The 12th grade government class is learning about political parties. The 8th grade civics class is looking into the creating the Constitution as well as continuously working on their community service project. The 9th grade geography class is investigating population and culture. The 10th grade American history class is learning about the Civil War. The 7th Grade American history class is meeting the early explorers. The 11th grade world history class is being introduced to the Persian Empire.

Ms. Schmidt's English Classes:

The seniors have recently finished a novel and are writing responses to the novel. This Thursday, Nov. 11 we will have a guest veteran war speaker. The juniors are reading "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer. The sophomores are reading pieces by the dark american romantics Hawthorne and Poe. The freshmen are reading "Detective Fiction." The eighth graders finished grammar and started reading literature. The seventh graders are almost done with grammar.

Mr. Tolles

Science Class:

The 7th graders are in the life science class working on genetics. The 8th grade earth science class is investigating stars and the universe. The 9th physical science class is learning about sound waves. The 10th biology class is looking at cells. The chemistry class is diving into the world of molecules. The anatomy and physiology class is learning about the intricacies of the muscular system.

Mr. Christianson's

Math Classes:

In Math we have been working on different levels of algebra in grades 7-11. The new Smartboard in the room has also allowed the students to use technology in the classroom, and also to be more interactive in their learning in math.

Mr. Steege's Classes:

Ninth grade ag exploration just wrapped up the natural resource unit and are heading into ag mechanics projects. The 11-12 grade natural resources are midway thru Prairie Eco Systems (tall grass and short grass prairies of Northern America). The 11-12 grade Ag Mech. Students are busy working on various wood and metal projects.

Mrs. Cronen:

These past two months have been a busy and exciting time in the counseling department. In the 7th grade counseling and study skill class we have been discussing effective study habits and tools needed for healthy peer relationships. The seniors have also been busy filling out scholarships, college applications, attending career fairs and exploring career options on the Minnesota Career Information System. Once a month I also take a trip downstairs to do some elementary guidance lessons. In the elementary grades we made friendship puppets, a talent chain and explored appropriate ways to handle anger through the "Angry Garbage Game." I also have been working with both individual and small groups at the school. As always I welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your child about any individual concerns that I might be able to assist you with. My door is always open.