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St. Mary's Samplings

Pre-K: Did you know who St. Patrick is? He was a 5th century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. St. Patrick was known as the "Apostle of Ireland." We celebrate him because he is the primary patron saint of Ireland! Needless to say, we learned all about St. Patrick and why we celebrate him in PreK this week. We also learned about Leprechauns, clovers, St. Patrick's day colors, lucky pots of gold and much more. While we were doing these activities, we also reviews all the letters and numbers we've learned this year! It was a great week filled with lots of learning.

Kindergarten: This was Uu week and we did a lot with underwear----which always gets a giggle. We read many books about underwear and we even wore underwear on our heads! (Tee--hee)! Ella Jo Anderson was our person of the week, it was her Wonderful Week and it was a wonderful time, we met Sara her mom (whom we already knew because she is our awesome cook) her dad Evan and her brother Logan. There were many activities about St. Patrick's Day and of course leprechauns. We were lucky enough to have a leprechaun in our classroom but unlucky because we were unable to catch him, oh well, maybe next year!

First grade: This week in reading we focused on words with -er, -ir, and -ur. We worked on identifying cause and effect in a story. We also learned about adjectives and how they help describe a noun. In math we are exploring doubles - doubling shapes and numbers and working on story problems with doubles. In science we are learning about plants. To help us understand how water travels through plants, we put celery in some colored water and left it overnight. It was a great way to show us how water travels to all parts of the plant. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

Second grade: We learned to draw conclusions while we read this week. Our story, The Tiny Seed was used to practice this comprehension skill as well as other stories and sentence combinations that we read. In Science class we are studying plants and what they need to survive. We also learned about the parts of a plant and what each parts job is. A highlight of our week was going to a presentation called Northwoods Niche. We learned about the important jobs a salamander,

a bull snake, a porcupine and a red hawk play in the Northwoods deciduous forest. Actually getting to see these live animals up close helped us better understand their roles. Thank you to Judy Johnston from the Stevens County Soils and Water Conservation District for inviting us.

Third grade: In math in the third grade classroom we are continuing to work on multiplying and dividing and have also learned about comparison word problems and squared numbers. In reading we are enjoying our class novel "Ramona and Her Father" by Beverly Cleary. We are learning new vocabulary and answering various questions as we read the novel. In grammar we are working with past-tense verbs and using commas in a series. In science we are learning about structural adaptions.

Fourth grade: This week the fourth graders have been busy. In reading class we read a story and the genre of humor. It was about a boy who scared someone with a snack. He had to write an apology letter and everything about it was funny. We also talked about making inferences. In math we are still working on large numbers and multiplication. The kids are really getting the hang of this!

Fifth grade: This week the fifth graders worked on interpreting and expressing remainders for division problems in math. In reading, we read the story "Zathura" and discussed drawing conclusions. We also learned more about analogies. We are starting to prepare for the annual speech contest; this is one event the students really look forward to! The fifth graders also led Stations of the Cross on Friday. It was a great week!

Sixth grade: This week the students have finally defeated Ratios and Percents! After their unit test on Wednesday they will begin Angles and Geometric Units so that should be a fun unit to practice! They have also been working hard learning about Iditarod, cheering for their mushers and working on Vocabulary. Science Fair Projects have also started this week, put May 19th down if you want to come see a variety of cool experiments and presentations! We have also continued to work on our Celtic Knots, practicing different knots and ways to do the design. Hope everyone has a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!