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NDSU to install beams to support Minard roof

An image captured by one of NDSU's web cameras shows Minard Hall after a section of the building collapsed.

North Dakota State University plans to install steel beams to support the roof over a collapsed section of Minard Hall, Facilities Management Director Bruce Frantz said Tuesday.

The northwest wall of the four-floor building collapsed early Sunday next to an area that had been excavated for an $18 million addition project.

Officials talked Monday about hooking a crane to exposed beams on the third floor to keep the roof intact. But Frantz said Tuesday that steel beams will instead be extended from stable portions of the building into the roof over the collapsed area.

The work is expected to happen this week, he said.

Officials are still exploring whether faculty members' belongings can be retrieved from their offices, many of which were left exposed when the wall collapsed, Frantz said.

"We'll take that one step at a time depending on how the beam installation goes," he said.

The university has filed a $500,000 insurance claim with the State Fire and Tornado Fund.