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A 'vision' for Hancock Schools

The Hancock School District has a 'vision' for the future. While most people within the district could say they have their own personal vision for the school, the district now has a formal vision in the form of a strategic plan.

About one year ago the Hancock School Board set up a Strategic Plan Committee. This group has been meeting regularly discussing goals, values, strategies and the future of the Hancock School. The board recognized the results of their efforts a few months ago by adopting the Strategic Plan they came up with. This plan was then presented to teachers who established a plan of action that would help the district reach these goals.

The vision of the district is three-fold:

* To see students committed to the learning process through engaged teachers, parents, staff and community

* To see students who learn and demonstrate 21st century skills and knowledge

* To have students who identify and apply their individual strengths.

The values that the Strategic Planning Committee has recognized and encourage in the district include:

1. Effective and innovative instruction

2. Developing and teaching healthy relationships

3. Parent and community involvement

4. Personal responsibility and accountability

5. Honesty and hard work

6. Giving back to the community.

The strategies set in order to maintain and encourage these goals include:

1 Creating an environment for students to be committed to the learning process

2. Incorporating 21st century skills and knowledge into the curriculum

3. Creating an environment that identifies individual strengths and applications.

The Hancock teachers have taken these visions, values and strategies and worked out goals for each of their classrooms. These goals and the results thereof will be re-evaluated each year as the school moves forward with its 'vision' for the future.

Other action

At their September board meeting the Hancock School Board also dealt with several other topics.

* The board discussed the new seat belt law and how it affected the school van transportation. The law request every child age 4-8 or under 4'9" to be in a booster seat. The van that currently went to the Benson area had six children who would need a booster seat. Instead of purchasing that many booster seats the board decided to redo the routes to allow for a bus to go that direction. Booster seats are not required on a school bus. A van will then go towards Starbuck and Cyrus and another van will go to Morris and Alberta. The change will require the addition of a second van driver but it will also make the initial pickup time for some of the children a little later. Previously the first pickup on one of the van routes was 6:40 a.m. Now this can be moved back.

* The board accepted a donation from C. Edward Studios who annually donates 15% of profits from taking school pictures back to the school. This year the check was for $674.53. This will go into the Yearbook account and be used for an annual scholarship award.

* The pre-school and kindergarten programs were discussed and Superintendent Jerry Martinson told the board that they are about where anticipated. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday kindergarten class has 21 students with 10 attending on Tuesday and Thursday. The pre-school classes averages from 11 - 15 students per day.

* The board welcomed Sara Nohl as the Student Council representative on the School Board.

* The board voted to dissolve the Co-op Sponsorship for Girls Cross Country and Gymnastics as there has been no participation for several years.

* Kim Voorhees was approved as the Assistant Girls Basketball Coach for 2009-2010. The only coaching position still open is the Head Track Coach.

The next regular board meeting is set for October 19.