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Perham Pride: Special bumper stickers to raise $25,000 for financially strapped schools

Marion Johnson displays one of the magnetic "Perham Pride" bumper stickers.

A simple, two-word statement is starting to appear on car doors and other metal surfaces--in bright yellow and black.

"Perham Pride" is the message on the magnetic bumper stickers, and it is being sold as a fundraiser for the 549 Family Foundation.

For $5, Perham loyalists can show their pride--while helping purchase school books, new computers and science equipment.

Homecoming was the "debut" for the magnetic stickers.

The "Perham Pride" bumper stickers are the brainchild of Marion Johnson. Though she has only lived in the Perham area for ten years, she and her husband Bob "love living in the area."

The fundraiser could generate $25,000, if all 2,500 of the magnetic stickers (pictured here) are sold, said Johnson. Keep It Local is matching $5 for each one sold.

"I had seen an article in the Enterprise that some people had chosen other school districts (because of the school's financial crunch)," said Johnson. "I was touched by that."

Later, she happened to see one of the Barrel O' Fun trucks on the road, and it occurred to her that it would be great to have a way to identify that you live in Perham--and are proud of it.

"I'm totally inspired by this. It was like a bolt of lightning, really," said Johnson.

All the money will be donated to the Perham 549 Family Foundation, which is the clearinghouse for donations.

Stickers are also available at the Perham Chamber and at the "Keep It Local" offices in Perham.