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First day enrollment up at HHS

The 2009-2010 school year is off to a positive start after the first day of classes on Tuesday, September 8. This year's enrollment is up by ten students compared to last year. This years first day enrollment was 258 compared to 246 on the first day last year.

A good share of the increase comes through open enrollment. There were 14 new students entering the district through open enrollment this year. The district lost four students through moving or for various reasons. When it came to the graduation/kindergarten number it was even as 20 students graduated last year and there were 20 new kindergartners entering the system this year.

The numbers by class compared to opening day last year are as follows:

Last year


Kindergarten 20

First grade 22

Second grade 17

Third grade 17

Fourth grade 24

Fifth grade 19

Sixth grade 14

Elementary total 133

Seventh grade 14

Eighth grade 15

Ninth grade 22

Tenth grade 16

Eleventh grade 26

Twelfth grade 20

Secondary total 113

Total K-12 246


Kindergarten 21

First grade 20

Second grade 23

Third grade 17

Fourth grade 19

Fifth grade 25

Sixth grade 21

Elementary total 146

Seventh grade 20

Eighth grade 17

Ninth grade 14

Tenth grade 22

Eleventh grade 14

Twelfth grade 25

Secondary total 112

Total K-12 258