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Brandon Welle new Hancock Phy Ed teacher

In 2006 Hancock Phy Ed & Health teacher and Coach Spencer Yohe retired after 32 years in Hancock. We knew that his would be 'big' shoes to fill and after three years and four potential candidates those shoes are still open. However, this year, Brandon Welle is confident that he can fill that role at the Hancock School.

Welle recently moved into a home in Hancock and started in one of his positions at the school - as assistant football coach. He will be helping head coach Matt Hone and junior high coach Cory Bedel 'shape up' the Owls for the season.

Next week Brandon will begin his duties as the Phy Ed and Health teacher. He will also be supervising and encouraging the weight room activities. In phy ed he will be teaching at several grade levels which he is excited about.

He has some experience teaching at every level so knows what to expect. He is excited about the challenges ahead and likes the variety teaching the different levels has to offer.

Welle grew up on a dairy farm outside of Melrose, MN. He attended school in Melrose and graduated in 2004. As a student he played football, basketball and was on the student council. He also did a lot of weight lifting and off-season training.

After graduation he went on to attend Southwest State in Marshall. He majored in Phy Ed and Health instruction with Adapted Phy Ed for special needs. He minored in coaching. While there he also played football for three years but was injured during his junior year so was not able to play the final year.

He did some student teaching in Willmar and graduated in the Fall of 2008. He also coached baseball for six summers at Spring Hill and one year of varsity football in Willmar. He thoroughly loved the coaching and is looking forward to that in Hancock. Along with the football coaching he will also serve as the head baseball coach next spring.

Brandon is excited about the coming school year. He actually already knew some people from Hancock as the Schoenbergs were originally from the area where he grew up. He is looking forward to getting to know the people in Hancock and the parents, students and staff at the school.

He is ready for the coming school year which could just be the start of a long career in Hancock, just like so many other former and current Hancock teachers and coaches.