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Hancock School News

A Strategic Planning Committee was appointed by the school board last Fall, assigned the task of developing a vision and mission statement for the Hancock School District. The Committee will present statements to the school board on July 20 for board approval. If approved, the Mission and Vision statements will identify values of the district that will give direction and guidance to the school board and faculty in making decisions and evaluating programs and performance. Thank you to Committee members for your time and commitment to this process. Serving on the committee were Amy Dougherty, Ken Feuchtenberger, Joel Flaten, Jerry Martinson, Sandy Nelson, Rev. Harrison Newhouse, Lori Razink, Jason Schaefer, Tim Schaefer, Andrew Steiner and Andrea Wink. Philip Drown facilitated the process.

The July school board meeting includes several agenda items that are annual actions required at the beginning of the new fiscal year. School district fiscal years run from July 1 - June 30. The board also approves several budget items, including admission fees, participation fees, lunch prices and board salaries. The final budget for the 2009-2010 school year will also be approved. There will be some adjustment from the preliminary budget that was approved in May due to legislative inaction and the Governor's choice to unallot revenues. Auditors will be here in August to complete the 2009 audit. After the auditor's report, which is normally presented at the October meeting, adjustments may be made to the budget report.

The district submitted an application last month for Qualified School Construction Bonds. This program, part of the Federal Stimulus Program, would provide funding for the district to renovate and upgrade our facilities. Our application was for funding to replace our steam boiler with a hot water boiler, to replace lights in rooms and gyms with energy efficient lights, and to replace windows in several classrooms with better sealed and double paned windows. The approval process will likely take several months. If approved the work will probably be scheduled for next summer.

The board will also discuss the need for an Athletic Handbook. The handbook would clarify policies and procedures of our athletic programs. There could be value to parents, students and coaches by having policies and procedures clearly defined in written format.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for July 20 at 7 p.m., at the high school. The public is always welcome to attend.