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Nevis kindergarten home visits dropped

A novel idea to conduct home visitation for incoming Nevis kindergartners has been dropped due to parental rejection of the concept.

Instead Nevis will be conducting a traditional kindergarten "roundup" in lieu of the home visitations.

"The home visits are wonderful and are conducted by a number of districts statewide but the idea wasn't well received by the public," said kindergarten teacher Jason Durham.

The proposal would have seen Durham and Jenny Travis, the district's other kindergarten teacher, visiting homes and families to review the kindergarten handbook and answer questions about school.

Durham said the idea was to "help us understand the child and family better, forming a strong base for a relationship that will continue with the school for the next 13 years as the child progresses along their educational journey."

Families interested in registering their children for the 2009-10 school year are now asked to attend the kindergarten roundup Friday, May 15.

They can call the school district office at 652-3500 to schedule a time. They will need a current immunization record, birth certificate and preschool screening prior to admission.

Because Nevis caps kindergarten enrollment at 21 students per class, parents are urged to schedule their appointments as soon as possible.