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By Tony Reimers, Community Education Director

As the school year comes to a close so does the Morris Area Community Education(MACE) financial and programmatic calendar. During the 2013-2014 school year, MACE was led by a tremendous Advisory Council. Amy Doll-Wohlers, Jana Koehler, Karie Hickman, Jeff Lamberty, Naomi Fynboh, Rob Lucas, Carla Peterson, Brian Solvie, Christy Hubbard, Brent Fuhrman, Lisa Kurtz, and Chair Marshall Hoffman make up our current Advisory Council.

At our June 16 meeting, Amy, Jana, and Karie were each given a special plaque to commemorate their many years of service to the Advisory Council as they reached the maximum number of years of service allowed by the by-laws. As the plaque states, it was awarded for years of dedication and service as a Morris Area Community Education Advisory Council member.  Thank you!

Our Advisory Council is given the following tasks:

• To provide input for a balanced Community Education program for all members of the community, from birth through senior citizens.

• To develop positive, cooperative efforts with other community agencies and groups.

• To assess community needs and resources, and implement a process for evaluation of Community Education programs, services, and activities.

• To establish and support community leadership.

• To work for legislative support of Community Education.

• To make recommendations for the use of the Community Education levy.

• To become a meaningful problem-solving group.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a note or give me a call.