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St. Mary's Sampling 5-24-14

Kindergarten:  We had a great week!  The high school seniors that graduated from St. Mary’s came back to visit us and have a friendly game of kickball.  We celebrated Lincoln Schneider’s wonderful week and even toured the airport where his grandma Dorothy works.  Ted Stork came to our school to talk to us about Memorial Day and the importance of this special day.

Grade 1:  We enjoyed the spring weather.  We are working with open and closed syllable words in reading.  We read a mystery story this week and worked on making predictions.  In science we are learning about the different states of matter – liquids, solids, gases.  In social studies we are learning about families around the world and how they are different and similar to us.  We had Ted Stork, a Navy veteran, come and visit with the school about Memorial Day.  It was very interesting.  We did a great job at our spring concert on Thursday night. Happy Memorial Day!

Grade 2:  In social studies we have been learning about producers and consumers.  We learned that producers produce goods and provide services for consumers to buy.  We also learned that producers and consumers are dependent on each other.  In handwriting class we are working to learn the lower case cursive letters.  It is exciting to even be able to write words in cursive now.  We had fun performing our Spring Concert for our families and friends on Thursday evening.

Grade 3: This week the third graders took their last spelling test for the year and completed their work with locating points on a coordinate grid in math.  We all enjoyed “Fitness  Fun Day” in PE and thank Mrs. Winkelman, Mrs. Stahman, and Mr. Jipson for the extra work they did to organize the event.  Our spring concert was another success and Mrs. Hodgson did a great job getting us ready for it. We wish you all a pleasant Memorial Day weekend and thank all service men and women for all they do and have done to provide us with the freedom we take for granted.  We thank Ted Stork for coming to school to tell us about the importance of Memorial Day.

Grade 4: In math class we are learning how to find a common denominator when adding and subtracting fractions. We also enjoyed Fitness Fun day and we had so much fun being able to spend time with our graduating alumni seniors. The kickball game was a blast. We had a field trip to the Runestone Museum in Alexandria and also visited Fehr’s Dairy Farm. It was a great day.

Grade 5 and 6: In math the sixth graders are learning about probability. The fifth graders are learning about exponents and order of operations. On Wednesday the alumni seniors came to mass and challenged the sixth graders in a kickball game-- the seniors won but we all had a great time. We wish them all the best in the future. On Friday we enjoyed our field trip to Runestone Museum and the Fehr’s Dairy. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Principal’s Notes:  On Wednesday, seniors who attended St. Mary's School participated in Alumni Days which is an annual event.  They read the readings at Mass and afterwards each one told us a little about themselves and their aspirations.  After Mass, the fifth/sixth grade students (and a few helpers) played kickball with the seniors.  It was so fun and the St. Mary's students cheered continuously until Mrs. Spaulding blew the whistle.  While outside on the field and on the sidelines, Fr. Todd led us all in the Prayer Before Meals and the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.  Lucy and Leila prepared the meal that was their favorite meal years ago.  They were seated at a special decorated table and after eating filled out a trivia sheet specific to St. Mary's School.  Mrs. Amy Kehoe gave them a tour of the school. Their time ended and they stayed in the teacher's lounge and reminisced and laughed for an hour.  It was so sweet and I loved having them here.