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MAHS students helping feed the honeybees

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MORRIS – On Monday, 24 Morris Area High School students donned white suits and masks to get up close and personal with honeybees.

The students are part of a new ag processing course being taught by ag instructor Natasha Mortenson. During the first half of the semester, students learned about processing meat. The second semester has focused on bees.

Students built the hives and moved the bees into them about three weeks ago. This week was the first time the class had the chance to visit the hives and check how the bees were doing.

Mortenson started a personal bee hive last year after taking a class with the University of Minnesota and, this year, was able to use that knowledge in the class.

Mortenson said she received a $6,000 grant from the Minnesota Agricultural Educators Leadership Council to help for the hives, suits, gloves and meat for the class.

This summer, a student will be in charge of maintaining the hives. If the hives are healthy, a new class of students will learn how to process the honey in the fall.