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Brady Wulf named State FFA Treasurer

When each new FFA state officer is announced, they run to meet the current officer on the convention floor, then run up to the state together.

MORRIS – For the second year in a row, Morris Area FFA will be represented among the FFA state officers.

On Tuesday, April 28, Morris Area senior Brady Wulf was named the 2014 – 2015 State FFA Treasurer at the Minnesota state FFA Convention. Wulf’s cousin, Brooke Wente, served as secretary during the 2013 – 2014 school year.

Wulf said he wanted to run for a position as a state officer since he attended an FFA leadership camp as a ninth grader where he saw the impact state officers can have on other students.

But as the time to make a decision about running approached, Wulf said he started to worry that he wasn’t qualified for the job – “You doubt yourself.”

The person who finally convinced him to run was himself.

In January, a letter Wulf wrote to himself at a summer camp in Washington D.C. arrived. In the letter, Wulf told himself that he wanted to remember to take advantage of opportunities that arrived.

“I basically told myself that I should run – it’s a good opportunity and I didn’t want to pass it by,” said Wulf.

The nominating committee for state FFA officers consists of students from across the state, former state officers, an advisor, an alumni of FFA and a member of the state FFA board.

The committee puts together a list of competencies for state officers that include skills like public speaking a facilitation and positive character traits.

“They really want to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons,” said Wulf. “You need to have a strong character and know who you are.”

The process starts with an application and series of essays. All students who fill out the application attend a state officer prep day where they learn about the requirements and participate in some practice interviews.

Students selected to interview for a position with the officer team arrived in the Twin Cities ahead of the state FFA convention for eight rounds of interviews and activities over two days. Candidates don’t run for a specific position. Instead, the nominating committee puts together a team of students who they feel like work effectively together.

After the final round on Sunday afternoon, Wulf said he felt good about how he had done through the process and met his own expectations.

The slate of officers for the upcoming year were announced at the Tuesday afternoon session of the conference. Before hearing his name announced as treasurer, Wulf got to see two friends make their way on to the stage.

“It’s very emotional, for sure,” said Wulf. “We got to know each other so much through interviews and I’ve known them before interviews, it was just so exciting to see who else got up there.”

As a state officer, Wulf will have a busy year. Officers organize two camps during the summer for other FFA students. They also host meetings, meet with legislators, attend industry functions and visit all of the FFA chapters in the state.

“I’m really excited about interacting with industry people, the agriculture industry, because I strongly believe that without the agriculture industry you wouldn’t have FFA,” Wulf said. “I’m excited to meet with them and make connections with industry leaders.”

Wulf will be balancing his FFA duties with his first year of college at South Dakota State University, where he’ll be completing a two-year general agriculture program.

After finishing the program, Wulf plans to return to help run the farm his family purchased in 2011.

Wulf credited the support of Morris Area FFA advisors Natasha Mortenson and Nick Milbrandt for his selection to the state officer team.

“They really support me and really push me to meet my full potential,” said Wulf. “I know that I wouldn’t be here without them.”