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St. Mary's Samplings 050314

Kindergarten: Another good week, we celebrated Oliver Eble’s Wonderful Week.  We got to do some painting at the UMM with his dad, who is an art professor there.  We also got to see where his mom works; she too is employed at the UMM. We are excited for our second graders because they make their First Communion this Sunday. Congratulations.

Grade 1:  We were very busy this week.  We read the story “Olivia” in reading and talked about reality and fantasy.  In math we finished up our unit on 2-digit addition and are now working on measurement and rounding.  In science we are talking about the four seasons and weather.  Congratulations to the second graders who are making their First Communion this weekend.

Grade 2: In math class we have been measuring with meters, decimeters, and centimeters.  We have also been learning to identify 3D shapes.  We have been making our first communion banners this week.  We are very excited to be making our first communion this weekend.  

Grade 3: This week found us having to stay indoors during recess due to the rain.  Rain or shine we had fun delivering May baskets around the Morris area.  We thank two of our moms, Holly and Jessie, for taking us on our deliveries bright and early on Thursday morning.  In math we have been working with customary and metric units of measurement.  We also worked with adding and subtracting these measurements.  Our Scholastic News discussed the power of music and our brain development.  We think that Mrs. Hodgson is really helping this as we prepare for our spring concert which will be held on May 22.

Grade 4: We have had a fun and productive week. On Monday we visited UMM and spent some time with their Creative Drama class. On Tuesday we were invited to watch the sixth grade science fair and got to watch the kinderkids do their egg drop. On Wednesday we traveled to the UMM again to visit the anthropology lab. Rebecca Dean taught us all about bones. It was very interesting and we learned a lot.

Grade 5 and 6: We had a busy and productive week. On Monday we were invited to the UMM and got to do some acting with the Creative Drama group which the student really enjoyed. On Tuesday the sixth graders presented their science fair projects in the gym and all did a wonderful job. On Thursday the school was excited it was May Day and enjoyed the many deliveries of baskets. Congratulations to all the second graders on their First Communion.

Principal’s Notes:  Tuesday I attended the Diocesan Principal’s Meeting and continued learning about the Marzano Art & Science of Teaching Framework.  It is exciting to learn about how students learn and have discussion with other educators on their perspective views and experiences.  Tuesday was a big day at school also.  The sixth grade Science Fair took place and the teachers were impressed with the projects and presentations. Later on that evening there was Confirmation at Assumption.  Wednesday the first grade prepared the Mass.  They have some tremendous readers which was noticeable when they read long readings with words from the Old Testament.  I know, we have bright students at St. Mary’s.