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Morris Area Community Education 042614

By Tony Reimers, Community Education Director

As I pulled the Minnesota Recreation and Parks magazine from my mailbox, my eyes went directly to the words on the left side of the page, “Partnerships are Vital to Communities.” For those of us that live in small towns, this is not new information but more so a great reminder.

In the past week, you should have received a copy of our Summer 2014 Tiger Tracks brochure. While it comes from Morris Area Community Education, without multiple partnerships it would never make it to your mailbox. The first and most obvious partnership is showcased on the back of the brochure. Our partnership with the Regional Fitness Center is multi-layered. In this publication, they promote their facility, pool hours, swim lessons, training clinics, camps, and a group fitness schedule. We also promoted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser we co-sponsored with the RFC.

On pages eight and nine you find our partnership with the Morris Area School District and the Morris Area Public School Foundation. This partnership is the core to our existence. While Community Education has a unique funding code, we are a part of the school district and guided by the Morris Area School Board.

On pages six and seven, you can find our partnerships with the Pomme de Terre Golf Club, the City of Morris, and the University of Minnesota Morris. These partnerships allow Morris area students to participate in golf, tennis, track and field, baseball, and softball.

On page four, you will find partnerships with the Morris Public Library, the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance, Stevens County Historical Society, and St. Mary’s School. By putting students and student learning in the forefront of all we do, these partnerships and the programs they support flourish.

When attending Morris Area Community Education programs and events this summer, I have two challenges for you. The first challenge is to say thank you to the person leading the event. While many of the coaches and teachers are receiving compensation, a high percentage of them are volunteers.

The second challenge I have for you is to identify a partner of ours. Did some local business or individual donate food or t-shirts for your event? How did my child get to experience an all day, all week class for just $100? Who provide that unique space for us to learn in? Partnerships are vital to communities; let’s take time to recognizing those partnerships and say thank you!