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St. Mary's Samplings 042614

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: It was a good week.  We had Ely Goodnough’s Wonderful week and got to tour the wind turbine. Did you know they make electricity?  We also toured the UMM where both of his parents work.  We worked with the letter J this week and celebrated Earth Day by picking up the playground.

Grade 1:  For Earth Day we talked about what we can do to take care of the earth and we did an Earth Day art project with our UMM Practicum Student, Ashley. In math we are working on 2-digit addition and making change for a dollar.  In reading we read about how animals grow and change.  In science we learned about the water cycle and different types of clouds.

Grade 2:  In science class, we are studying matter.  This week we learned to identify solids and their properties.  We also learned that matter can be natural or human made.  In reading class, we read stories about deserts.  We read about the Sahara Desert in northern Africa, the Sonora Desert in Arizona.  We learned many facts about plants and animals that live in these deserts. We also read about a nomad group of people called the Bedouins.  We learned about what they did to survive living in the Sahara Desert.

Grade 3: This week in math the third graders explored three dimensional figures.  They made cubes, prisms, cylinders, cones, and pyramids from nets.  They also used their multiplication skills to find the volume of three dimensional figures in cubic inches.  They are doing almost all of their work in cursive now and have to be careful about their spelling as if mistakes are made in letter connection it can change the spelling of a word.  Mrs. Folkman is continuing to work with us on our Basic Aid Training and we are learning a lot about the three Cs of BAT.  Many thanks to the Stevens County Beef and Pork producers for the delicious burgers and pork chops they provided for our lunches recently.  

Grade 4: What a busy week we have had. We learned about algebraic notation in math class. We also learned about the different verb tenses in English class. In reading class we read a biography by Jane Yolen about the Wright brothers. It is written through their sister’s eyes. In social studies we learned about the famous author Mark Twain. We thought it was pretty interesting and unusual that his real name was Samuel Clemens.

Grade 5 and 6: What a busy and fun filled week we had. On Tuesday the fifth and sixth graders attended Safety Day at the Lee Community Center and also had Judy Johnston come to our room to talk about the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual conservation poster contest. On Wednesday we went to Rebecca Dean’s Lab at the UMM and learned a lot about bones. In math the sixth graders are learning about measuring angles and angle relationships. In math the fifth graders are working with dividing numbers by whole numbers and decimals and also learned how to express fractions as decimals.

Principal’s Notes: The fifth grade had Safety Day on Tuesday at the Lee Community Center.  It was a full day and so needed to alert our children of dangerous situations and how to avoid them.  Morris has great programs for kids.  While they were gone we munched on a delectable pork dinner.  Lucy can make any meal tasty but we were thankful to the Pork Producers for  supplying the pork.

Next week NWEA/MAP assessments will begin.  I hope all students get plenty of rest this weekend so they can do well on their tests.