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Morris Area Elementary School

A note from Principal Ken Gagner

Chinese Proverb: When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.

We all work hard each and every day to help children succeed and we need to keep in mind careful planning does make a difference. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything will go as expected, but it certainly increases the chances for success. We don’t always see the results of this planning in the short term (unlike  memories of growing up on a farm when one saw fields freshly plowed, the barn full of hay, cows being turned out after milking, stacks of newly cut wood), but this planning has a much greater impact. We have a great responsibility as parents, community members, and school personal. Let’s do our very best.  

As always, if you have any questions or would just like to visit, please stop in; this is your school!

1. The sixth grade overnight class trip has been rescheduled to May 8-9.

2. School will be in session on Monday, April 21 and Tuesday, June 3.  These are changes to the original school calendar.

3. Mark your calendars: the first and second grade music program will be Thursday, April 24. A matinee will be held starting at 1:45 p.m. in the Concert Hall. The evening performance will have first grade starting at 6:30 and second grade at 7:30 p.m.

4. Our second annual Dare Mighty Things Day went very well! We had over 300 students write essays on their dream careers and listened to community members share their own career stories as well.  Community members participating included:  Jackie Hills, Tony Anderson, Matt Fluegel, Molly Fluegel, Steve Poppe, Paul Grove, Paul McDonald, Del Sanderson, Doug Anderson, Marie Hansen, Blaine Hill, and Stephanie Warzecha.  Out of the 300 essays submitted we invited the following students to read during the assembly:

•Grade 1: Mitchell Moser and Isaac Just

•Grade 2: KaDan Smith and Chloe Zimmel

•Grade 3: Drew Storck and Tess Deane

•Grade 4: Cortney Hickman and Trey Hunt

•Grade 5: Lexi Gomer and Angel Gallegos

•Grade 6: Kendra Wevley and Sam Burks

5. Wednesday, April 16, will be the last day for Tiger Targets (after school support program) this school year.  There will be a summer program that will include two weeks in June and two weeks in August. Please call or e-mail Holly Carrington if you have any questions: 320-589-1250 ext. 2049 or hcarrington@morris.k12.

6. On the Elementary Home webpage we have added an Upcoming Events link. Check this site for dates and times of all upcoming special events.  In addition to the Events link, you can access the school lunch menu, individual teacher sites, assessment schedules, and published work from our monthly MAES Student Authors.

7. Lost and Found items will be donated to the Salvation Army on the 15th of each month. Please check the table (located in the corridor leading to MAES classrooms) often.

8. On March 28 we celebrated Kindergarten Round Up (eligible for kindergarten in the fall of 2014) and had a great turnout.  If you are aware of a new family or someone who may have missed this event I would ask your help in encouraging these folks to stop in or contact the school at their convenience.

9. Please note that Wednesday, April 30, is the deadline to complete a Special Considerations request for your child.  The form can be found on the district website [First go to the district web site, then click on elementary, then on Elementary Home, and finally choose the Special Considerations link]; you can also pick up a copy in the elementary office. Multiple factors are involved in creating class lists. While your input is valuable, it is only one piece of information used in making a final decision and it does not guarantee a certain placement. Only under extenuating circumstances will any request be opened if not turned in by the April 30 deadline.

10. The next dental outreach clinic is scheduled for May 28 at the Morris Elementary School. Children covered by Minnesota Health Care Programs or Minnesota Medical Assistance are eligible for this free dental care.  Appointments must be made in advance by calling 1-320-815-5711.

11. We would like to remind all third through sixth grade parents and students that Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA’s) will soon be taking place.  Please note:

• All students are tested in reading and math, with fifth grade taking an additional test in science.

• Students may receive a free breakfast and snack on the dates of their test

• This is a team effort; every child and every question counts.

• Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are one of the tools educators use to gauge the individual progress of each child and to help us maintain and deliver a high quality educational experience.

• Letters will be sent home with students in third through sixth grades  on April 17.

Dates to Remember

April 15: First grade Egg Drop

April 21: Regular school day (calendar change)

April 22: Fifth grade Safety Day / Lee Community Center

April 24: First and second grade spring concert

April 26: Morris Arts Boosters Carnival

May 1-2: Sixth grade class trip

May 13: Sixth grade history project open house

May 19: Fitness Fun Day

May 23: First grade / Chahinkapa Zoo

May 23: Fifth grade class trip to the Twin Cities

June 3: Last day of school / Awards Day presentation – 2 p.m.