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St. Mary's Samplings 041214

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten:  We worked with the letter W this week and learned two new sight words, you should hear us read, and we are getting so good.  In math we took a unit test—impressive.  We are enjoying the warmer weather and hope it stays around, no more snow pants and boots. (Hopefully.)

Grade 1:  This week we are working with the –ou and –ow dipthong/sound.  We worked on sequencing in reading and we are also working with adjectives that tell color or how many.  In math we have been introduced to 2-digit addition and making a new group of ten.  We are very happy with the weather this week.  

Grade 2:  In social studies, we have been learning about places around the world.  We read about cultural differences in Ghana, Spain and Japan.  In science we are learning about the planets and the stars and moon.  We learned that the sun is the closest star to earth and that earth rotates around the sun while the moon rotates around earth.  We also learned facts about each of the planets.

Grade 3:  In math this week the third graders continued to work with fractions and observed patterns of related fractions and decimals.  As they were working with improper fractions and mixed numbers they realized how important it is to know your multiplication and division facts well. We celebrated Riley and Madison’s birthdays this week and are looking forward to the Seder Meal next Wednesday.  The class really enjoyed the fifth and sixth grade speech contest on Tuesday morning.  Everyone is happy to shed their winter gear for more spring like attire.

Grade 4: In social studies we are learning about the Midwest so we are reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novel On the Banks of Plum Creek. In math class we have been learning about remainders in division problems and how the remainder can mean different things. In reading class we are learning about parts of a book and how knowing these different parts can help us with our homework and studying for tests.

Grade 5 and 6: This week we had our speech contest in the gym for grades five and six and the individuals that moved on to the final competition in Fergus Falls are Tyler Braegelmann, Kylie Swanson, MacKenna Kehoe and LaRae Kram. Everyone did a wonderful job. In math the sixth graders are working with percents and learning to apply them in situations such as discounts, taxes and tips. The fifth graders are working with multiplying larger numbers and patterns with five and zeros. We have learned a few different ways to multiply but we still find the short cut to be the easiest.

Principals Notes:  A speech contest was held today at St. Mary’s School with the students in Grades five and six participating. This is the qualifying contest for this weekend’s Speech Contest in Fergus Falls.  I was so impressed with the speeches.  I just keep being impressed.  The third grade students can say the Our Father in Spanish as fast as they can say it in English.