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St. Mary's Samplings 040514

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: It is spring; truly it is! We celebrated Elijah Moore’s Wonderful Week and we had a great time.  We got to do a scavenger hunt on the UMM campus where his mom Chelda works.  We talked about many different countries throughout the week because Elijah has traveled a lot.  We worked with the letter Gg this week and learned the words he and she.  

Grade 1:  This week we finished up our math unit on circle graphs, fractions and clocks and took our test.  In reading we learned about many different types of weather.  We found it interesting that we could talk about a thunderstorm and a snowstorm all within 24 hours right here in Morris.  We compared and contrasted different types of weather/storms.  We worked with words with the –or, -oar and –ore sound.  In social studies we learned about how transportation has changed over time and the effect technology has had on these changes.  In science we are learning about preserving Earth’s resources.

Grade 2:  We were excited to begin learning to identify the lower and upper case cursive letters this week during handwriting class.  We are looking forward to being able to write letters and words in cursive.  In math we have been working with ways to write money amounts.  We practiced finding many coin combinations to make 25 cents.  We also drew money amounts as dollars, dimes and pennies to discussed how money place value is the same as hundreds, tens and ones.  We have also been preparing to present the Living Stations of the Cross to the school assembly on Friday.

Grade 3:  Our reading story this week was about unique animals of the southwest.  We compared how they are alike and different.  In math we found equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing.  We are trying to do some of our work in cursive but see that we work more slowly when we do this.  We know that practice will help our speed.  We are enjoying more sunshine and hope that we won’t get any more snow as we like playing outside without so much winter gear on.  We all took our report cards home on Friday.

Grade 4: The students have started working with long division in math class this week. We are learning different strategies so we can choose which one works best for us. It is tough, but the kids are working hard and they are really starting to get it. We had the opportunity to go to the UMM and work with the Creative Arts department. We had so much fun! The students were full of fun and energy, and they taught us to be creative with poetry.

Grade 5 and 6: This week in math the sixthgraders worked with percents. They practiced making them into decimals and fractions and also solved percent word problems. The fifth graders started their chapter on “Multiplication and Division with Whole Numbers and Decimals.” We thought shift multiplication was really easy and thought that it would get more difficult throughout the lesson but it didn’t. The fifth and sixth graders also had their classroom eliminations on Thursday and Friday for their speech books. Next week on Tuesday, April 8 the individuals that moved on will give their speeches in the gym at 8:30 a.m. Please come and enjoy some great speeches.

Principals Notes:  The weeks are rolling by and we just have two months left of school.   Report cards went home this Friday.  This will give parents a prime opportunity to discuss their academic performance with their child.  The second grade is enacting the death of Jesus called the Living Stations.  They are in costume and quite the actors and actresses under direction of their director and teacher, Mrs. Riedner.