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St. Mary's Samplings 032914

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: We had a great week! It was Joshua Frischmon’s Wonderful Week.  We got to tour “Moore Calves Farm.”  It is part of Fehr’s dairy, where Joshua’s dad Robert works; it was so cool!  We also toured McDonalds this week.  The books we wrote and illustrated are back from the press and are we excited!  We are sure they will be on the best sellers list–for sure the best readers list.

Grade 1:  This week we worked with words with the –ar sound.  We read a biography about Benjamin Franklin.  We learned that his inventions helped many people.  In math we were introduced to circle graphs and clocks and telling time.  In science we are learning about the earth’s resources and how we use them.  In social studies we are learning about how communities and transportation have changed over time.

Grade 2:  This week we read a story about gardening.  This story has us and almost everyone hoping for warmer spring weather so we can begin outdoor activities like gardening.  In math class we are studying place value to 1,000.  We have been creating and drawing numbers with hundreds, tens and ones.  We have practiced counting three digit numbers also.  The second graders had a wonderful trip to the UMM Anthropology Lab for a presentation called “Fun With Skeletons.”  Thank you to Rebecca Dean and her assistant for arranging this visit for us.

Grade 3: This week in math we continued our work with fractions.  We used circle graphs to compare fractions and we explored probability.  We also used fraction strips to compare fractional equivalence. Our reading story was part of the book Charlotte’s Web.  We are reading Trumpet of the Swan at the end of each day and enjoy E. B. White’s writing! Our Scholastic News talked about droughts in the US and how important it is to receive the rain and moisture that is needed for growing crops and raising livestock.  We all should make an effort to use our water responsibly!  Four more third graders reached the fifty point goal for AR and got to sit at the banquet table on Friday!

Grade 4: In social studies this week we started our unit on the midwest. We were right- we do already know a lot but are also learning things we did not know. In reading class we are reading a story about ants. At first we did not think ants would be interesting, but boy were we wrong! We have learned that ants can lift things up to five times their body weight. We have also learned that they have been around since dinosaurs! We also finished our read aloud Swindle and many of us are on to the second book in the series Zoobreak.

Grade 5 and 6: This week in math the sixth graders have been working with similar figures, indirect measurements and scale drawings and maps. The fifth graders have been working with temperature and measurement which we think is pretty easy when it involves customary units but metric units challenge us. In social we have been working hard on our Minnesota unit and have really been enjoying getting to learn more about our state. In science we are continuing to work with ecosystems and biomes and started a new lesson on “Changes in Ecosystems.”

Principals Notes:  This time of year we are planning the end of the year activities and for the next school year as well.  The deadline for teacher applications for a fifth grade teacher is April 4.  Our next pancake breakfast will be April 6 after each Mass.  The science diocesan grade level meeting for grades 3-6 will be April 10 and the speech contest in on April 12.  This week we had penance services for Grades 2-6.

It is such a wonderful sacrament for our students to experience.  Each Friday during Lent we have Stations of the Cross at 2:20 p.m.  Come and join us at Assumption Parish Church.