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St. Mary's School 032214

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: Well we did not catch the leprechaun in our room but he left a note saying we were very close to catching him!  We worked on the letter U this week and read many stories about “underwear” that always make us giggle.  We celebrated Jonah Huebner being wonderful and his birthday too!

Grade 1:  This week we worked with the –er, -ur, and –ir sounds in words.  We read the story “Kitten’s First Full Moon” and reviewed cause and effect in a story.  We also worked with adjectives and reviewed proper nouns.  In math we were introduced to the fractions 1/2 and 1/4.  In science we learned about erosion and in social studies we looked at household tools from that past and compared them to the things we use now.  Happy spring everyone!

Grade 2: We have enjoyed our geometry unit in math class this week.  We have been learning to determine similar and congruent shapes.  We have also learned to move shapes with a slide, flip or a turn.  In addition, we have been finding repeating patterns with shapes.  On Thursday, we visited the anthropology lab at UMM.  Rebecca Dean and one of her students had several activities for us. We learned about bones and how to put together a skeleton.  We also compared human and animal bones.

 Grade 3:  Another week brought us some snow and a late start but we kept busy and got all our core subjects in. Many wore green on Monday and we wrote a class poem about the lesson a shamrock can teach. Our math unit is working with fractions. We worked with fractional parts of a whole number, fractional parts of a set, and we compared fractions.  We were able to use our multiplication skills with them as well.  We really enjoyed having the UMM Science Sensation group in on Thursday and they showed us many interesting experiments.

Grade 4: We have been busy in reading class learning about persuasive language. We have talked about how writers can use both positive and negative language to try to convince you to believe in what they do. We also learned about different strategies they can use to persuade you. In social studies we finished our unit talking about the Civil War. It was very interesting. We will be learning about the midwest in our next unit. We think we may already know a little bit about that subject already!

Grade 5 and 6: In math the sixth graders started a new unit on proportional relationships and have been busy learning about ratios and rates. The fifth graders also started a new math unit on volume, capacity and weight. In science we also started a new chapter titled “Ecosystems and Biomes” and have talked about the water and carbon cycle so far.

Principals Notes:  Finally we were able to get to Andes Tower to ski for the day.

It couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The slopes were perfect for skiing and even for lounging in the chairs outside.  Many of our parents were there to help with everything and it was a fun day.  Lucy packed a delicious sack lunch so all went well.  On Friday Jack Mahoney, student at St. Mary’s, was principal for a day.  We had a lot of fun and I can see that someday he will be head of an organization.  He ruled that his grade would have five more minutes of recess (spoken like a true politician).  He took a buddy to lunch with the principal and we had a grand time.  I learned a lot.  The Stations of the Cross were led by grade four on Friday.