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St. Mary's Samplings 031514

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: We had quite an exciting week in the kinder room.  When we arrived on Monday we noticed we had a leprechaun living in our classroom and what fun we had!  We are trying with all our might to catch him so we can share the gold but so far he’s out smarting us, even our booby traps!  We love the warmer weather!

Grade 1:  We are starting a new unit in math and are working on doubling numbers and making shapes twice as big.  In reading we learned about how different animals work as teams to help each other.  We are learning about rocks and soil and how they are made of minerals.  We also learned that weathering can change the shape and size of rocks.  In social studies we are learning about how life was different long ago and how some things are still the same.

Grade 2:  In social studies class the second graders have been studying early America.  We have been learning about the Native Americans and the early settlers that came to America.  Laurie Lussier came to our class and shared a power point presentation on her culture.  We learned many interesting facts about her Lakota ancestry including learning about the naming process and how to say some words in her language. She also told us about many events that she and her family attend to keep their Native American traditions alive today. We thank Laurie for taking time to visit with us.

Grade 3: This week in math we worked with elapsed time on both an analog and digital clock. We also continued to practice our multiplication and division facts. Thursday were happy to finally be able to get our skiing day in at Andes and on Friday we all wore our pajamas so we could curl up with a good book and read.  We hope many of you are able to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at Assumption Church this Sunday and St. Mary’s School Fish Fry on Friday, March 21 at the Morris American Legion from 4:30 to 8 p.m.

Grade 4: This week we have been challenged by word problems in math. We did a great job with them even though they were multi-step problems. In reading class we continue to do book talks and this week we wrote our first book reviews. The purpose of both of these are to help our classmates find books to read as we share and recommend books that we love. In English class we started working on singular and plural possessives–tricky!

Grade 5 and 6: This week in math the 6th grader continued to work with data and found steam and leaf plots to be a little tricky at first. The fifth graders finished up their unit on fractions and took a test on Wednesday. Thursday we finally got to go skiing and we were very excited to do so. In reading we have been keeping a close eye on the Iditarod and learning about the race and the terminology mushers’ use. This week we have also been enjoying the warmer weather.

Principals Notes:  Finally, off we go to Andes Ski Trails.  We have begun the season of Lent and every Friday we have the Station of the Cross at 2:15.  Each class leads the Stations throughout Lent.  I am proud of  the academic and religious education we have given our students so far this years.